'No Juicing Joe': Republican proposes bill in response to Biden's 'decline on full display'

 June 14, 2024

A Tennessee Republican proposed a bill requiring the White House to notify Congress of any drug that could impair the president's alertness, judgment, or mood.

"Joe Biden’s embarrassing outbursts of anger and incomprehensible speeches mirror the incalculable damage his policies have had on our nation," Rep. Andy Ogles told Fox News Digital on Thursday.

According to the Republican, the "Frequently slurred speech, abnormally long pauses and the inability to string together five words in a coherent sentence have put Biden’s mental and physical decline on full display," he said.

The lawmaker went on to assert that it is "unfair to the American people" to have a president who is "literally incapable of speaking."

Origins of the Act

According to Ogles, the No Juicing Joe Act was conceived as a result of the White House's continued refusal to evaluate President Biden's cognitive abilities, as, according to the lawmaker, they are aware that he will perform poorly.

Later this month, Biden is slated to participate in a debate against the Republican nominee, former President Trump.

"The president, whose office is the most powerful on earth, must be accountable to the people, and it's Congress's duty to ensure accountability," Ogles said.

Ogles observed that Presidents in the past have encountered health issues that occasionally necessitated the administration of drugs that affected their behavior.

Other Presidential Problems

For instance, President John F. Kennedy was treated by Dr. Max Jacobson, who was known as "Doctor Feelgood," and Woodrow Wilson's post-stroke incapacitation resulted in the 25th Amendment.

In a statement emailed to journalists covering the story, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said, "It's telling that Republican officials are unable to stop announcing how intimidated they remain by President Biden’s State of the Union performance.

"But after losing every public and private negotiation with President Biden — and after seeing him succeed where they failed across the board, ranging from actually rebuilding America’s infrastructure to actually reducing violent crime to actually outcompeting China — it tracks that those same Republican officials mistake confidence for a drug."

From the RNC

The Republican National Committee (RNC) research division published a series of videos on X last week that appeared to depict President Biden in a "perpetual state of confusion" as a result of his recent speech in Normandy to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

The RNC research account, which is overseen by the RNC and the campaign of former President Trump, published numerous posts on X of the president in Normandy. One video depicted Biden bending down at one point, appearing to be uncertain about whether it was time to sit down.

Frustration has grown as it has become increasingly apparent that any person acting the way the current president acts out in public, without a caretaker, would be considered a danger to themselves.

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