Nonpartisan columnist says 'no chance' of Kamala Harris becoming president

 January 17, 2023

Senior editor of 19FortyFive Harrison Kass said in his latest piece that he doesn't think Vice President Kamala Harris has what it takes to ever be president.

Whether President Joe Biden runs for president again in 2024 or not, Kass said that Harris's poor performance as Vice President so far would preclude her from being elected by the public.

Kass said that the dysfunction in her staff is one indicator of how poorly things have gone for Harris, as well as an impediment to better functioning.

Biden didn't do her any favors by assigning her to tackle immigration and voting rights, which are both boondoggles destined for some level of unpopularity with Democrats if actually handled as they should be.

Disastrous campaign

"Harris is not an especially talented politician," he states, referencing her own presidential campaign in 2019 that didn't even last until the first primary.

Her message was all over the place, and it didn't resonate with the people enough to gain her any traction.

She emphasized her history as a tough prosecutor, which her opponents used to attack her for incarcerating too many Black men.

Her campaign ended up being a disaster, which has led to serious questions about whether she has what it takes to first campaign, and then become president.

Cackles and word salad

Kass didn't even mention Harris's tendency to cackle at inappropriate times, or the way she seems to make these lofty-sounding, self-important speeches that are really nothing but word salad. Both of these are unpresidential and make her look like she's not a serious politician capable of handling herself on the world stage as the leader of the free world.

It seems like when she doesn't know what to say or she's confronted with a hard question, she will just laugh uproariously to throw her interviewer off their game. It's really quite uncomfortable at times, and makes you wonder what's wrong with her.

She repeats the same word or phrase over and over again ("seriously") and has the tendency to sound like a student trying to hit a word count when they don't have anything of substance to say.

In one meeting about climate change, Harris used the phrase "work together" six times in less than a minute. One wonders, does she have really bad speechwriters, or is she just deficient in saying things that actually have meaning?

With America's recent tendency to end up with the two worst candidates possible for presidential elections, however, it is likely that at some point, she will end up in the running to be president.

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