Obama biographer claims ex-president was insecure, would be terrible Supreme Court justice

 August 7, 2023

A biographer for former President Barack Obama claimed that he was as "insecure" as Trump and would make a bad Supreme Court justice.

David Garrow shared his views in an extended interview for Tablet Magazine that also questioned the accuracy of Obama's memoir.

The comments

"He wants people to believe his story. For me to conclude that ‘Dreams from My Father’ was historical fiction — oh God, did that infuriate him," Garrow said. "He doesn’t want the writerliness challenged. It’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The book ['Dreams'] is so fictionalized."

Garrow continued: "It’s so inaccurate, whether about the dynamics among the guys in Hawaii or what’s going on in the community group on the far South Side [of Chicago]. And it completely omits women. I’ve always thought that there’d eventually be a feminist critique of Obama because his mother and all the girlfriends — they’re not there. They don’t exist."

The issues

"Whose version of the story is correct? Who knows. The bridge between the two accounts is Obama’s emerging attachment to Blackness, which required him to fall in love with and marry a Black woman," Tablet’s David Samuels wrote in the introduction to the published interview.

"In Obama’s account, his attachment to Blackness is truthful and noble. In Jager’s account, his claims are instrumental and selfish; he grants particularism to the experience and suffering of his own tribe while denying it to others," he added.

More insights

The interview also touched on an array of other topics, such as the Obamas flipping the norm of ex-presidential families leaving D.C. and buying a multimillion-dollar home in Washington after leaving the White House.

Garrow's full account includes 16,000 words of questions and answers addressing concerns about Obama's background just as the former president pledged to become more involved in helping with President Joe Biden's reelection campaign.

Obama has continued to emerge in the political spotlight during Biden's campaign, offering a needed boost of energy that has made people wonder about his ongoing influence.

The rumors about Obama becoming a future Supreme Court justice have also continued, with Garrow suggesting the move would be a bad one.

The story is shocking for people of all political backgrounds, offering strong insights into the past of the former president.

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