Obama's gay news could fuel Michelle's presidential candidacy: Editor

 September 9, 2023

Senior editor of Christian news site The Stream John Zmirak said in a new think piece on Wednesday that he thinks the re-breaking news about former President Barack Obama's alleged cocaine-fueled gay tryst with Larry Sinclair could be Michelle Obama's ticket to the presidency, if the left is allowed to spin the story.

Because the country is "dominated by demons," Zmirak said, Sinclair's detailed account of his gay sex with then-Illinois state senator Obama could engender people's admiration for Michelle rather than the disgust or pity he says they would have shown in the 1950s.

Zmirak noted that Sinclair tried to come forward with his story in 2008, but was ignored and immediately arrested in Delaware, ordered by none other than then-state Attorney General Beau Biden. Coincidence that Obama picked Joe Biden shortly thereafter to be his vice president?

But back then, even though it was just 15 years ago, gay marriage hadn't yet become legal, and societal attitudes had not yet shifted toward absolute acceptance of any "identity"/proclivity, where they now sit.

The explanation

The Obamas could easily explain Barack's "nuanced" sexuality as having been repressed due to societal attitudes, and people would readily accept a story from Michelle that she "supported" her husband's needs as a result of those negative attitudes, Zmirak contended.

He said they could do so in an interview with Oprah Winfrey and capture national attention, after which some organization would award Michelle Obama a human rights award and she would form an exploratory committee to run for president.

He was pretty sure that the Democrat Party would quickly get rid of Biden for "health reasons" and that subsequent president Kamala Harris would decide not to run in 2024 to support Obama, who is way more popular than she is.

From there, Zmirak said he thinks her election would be all-but-guaranteed, and that Republicans would barely even say anything negative about her because she is Black and the people like her.

She doesn't want it

While it would be easy to see such a scenario playing out in the Democrat party as it flounders around trying to get Biden's poll numbers out of the basement, there's one fly in Zmirak's ointment.

Michelle Obama was in exactly the same position, minus the story about her husband's proclivities gaining traction, before the 2020 election when Biden and Bernie Sanders were splitting the vote and no strong candidate had emerged.

Back then, she was widely seen as a shoo-in to beat former President Donald Trump, but she declined to run. As recently as April, she told Oprah she would "never, ever" run for president during the latest Netflix iteration.

Obama likes her life out of the spotlight, other than producing Netflix shows no one watches and collecting her millions on those and book deals so she can live on Martha's Vineyard and in a mansion near D.C. and travel whenever she wants.

Too much work

Being president would be way too much work for Obama, and would probably end up making her less popular by the end of her second term.

Why would she want to subject herself to that, even if it would save her party and send the world further down the path she seems to want it to go?

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