Outgoing Democratic Chicago mayor declares state of emergency over migrant influx

 May 10, 2023

The Washington Examiner reported that outgoing Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared a state of emergency on Tuesday to deal with illegal migrants, many of whom are coming from Texas.

While Lightfoot has lashed out against Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott over her city's migrant crisis, he says the real fault lies with President Joe Biden. 

Lightfoot says city faces a "humanitarian crisis"

As the Examiner explained, Lightfoot's declaration allows her city to access emergency cash reserves when funding its migrant assistant efforts.

What's more, the mayor is calling upon Illinois Democratic Gov. J. B. Pritzker to make resources from the National Guard available.

"We should all understand that this crisis will likely deepen before we see it get better," the Examiner quoted Lightfoot as saying in a written statement.

"The City of Chicago is in the midst of a national humanitarian crisis, and through a unified effort in accordance with its values as a welcoming city, Chicago is doing everything it can to respond to the urgency of this matter," she continued, adding, "There are not enough resources currently to meet the need."

Fraternal Order of Police complains that migrants are sleeping in police stations

Meanwhile, the Examiner reported that the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has filed a grievance over the use of police funds to provide for migrants.

Chicago FOP president John Catanzara Jr. issued a statement of his own in which he took issue with housing migrants in law enforcement facilities.

"This city said, 'We’re a welcoming city, we’ll take you,' but has no plans to do that. This is not a knock on them, but these people are now living in the lobbies of police stations, which is ridiculous," Catanzara declared.

For her part, Lightfoot has long laid blame for the influx of migrants on Texas' governor. An example of that came during a press conference last September.

Abbott says migrant influx is "a direct result" of Biden's policies

"He professes to be a Christian. This is not the Christianity and the teachings of the Bible that I know. And I think religious leaders all across the country are standing up and denouncing exactly this," Lightfoot said according to Fox News.

However, Abbott insists that his practice of bussing migrants to Chicago and other Democrat-run sanctuary cities stems from the Biden administration's border policies.

"The ongoing border and humanitarian crisis that Texas and the entire United States are grappling with is a direct result of President Biden’s open-border policies," Fox News quoted a letter sent by Abbott to Lightfoot earlier this month as saying.

"Under the previous administration, illegal immigration was at its lowest levels in decades. Now, President Biden is preparing to open the floodgates by ending Title 42 expulsions next week, and Texas is on the front lines of this catastrophe," he added.

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