Poll suggests RFK Jr. posses an unexpected threat to Joe Biden

 August 7, 2023

Despite suffering from historically bad poll numbers, President Joe Biden appears on track to win the Democratic Party's 2024 nomination.

Yet as former Republican speech writer Douglas MacKinnon pointed out in an op-ed piece published by The Hill late last month, Biden is facing an expected threat from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 

RFK Jr.: COVID policy "moved $4 trillion from the middle class to the super-rich"

MacKinnon argued that much of Kennedy's appeal "was encapsulated during a townhall-style interview hosted by Fox News anchor Sean Hannity this week."

"We have a system of cushy socialism for the super-rich and this brutal, savage, merciless capitalism for the poor," MacKinnon quoted Kennedy as telling Hannity.

"And it’s all designed to strip-mine the middle class in this country of all their equity, all of their assets and move it to the upper echelons," Kennedy continued.

He went on to contend that "the Covid lockdowns were the final straw," pointing out how they "moved $4 trillion from the middle class to the super-rich."

Poll shows Kennedy with highest favorability rating among all candidates

"The people who came into the lockdown with $1 billion increased their wealth on average by 30%. We closed 3.3 million businesses," Kennedy recalled.

According to MacKinnon, statements like those help to illustrate why "millions of American voters believe they have found their champion for 2024."

As evidence, he pointed to a Harvard/Harris survey carried out between July 19 and July 20 which found that when comes to favorability, Kennedy "is ahead of Biden, Trump, DeSantis and every other candidate."

At the same time, MacKinnon stressed that the same qualities which make him appealing to a large segment of the electorate also explained "why the entrenched establishment can’t stand him."

Kennedy pushes back against "defamatory" claims from other Democrats

Indeed, Kennedy asserted during a recent appearance on Capitol Hill that fellow Democrats have been making "defamatory" allegations of racism and antisemitism as part of an effort to smear him.

"What you have stated and tried to associate me with through guilt by association is simply inaccurate," Kennedy declared.

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