Pope Francis discharged from hospital after bronchitis scare

 April 2, 2023

ABC News reports that Pope Francis has been discharged from the hospital. 

The discharge occurred on Saturday morning, after spending three days in Gemelli hospital in order to recover from bronchitis.

ABC reports:

The pope, standing on his feet, answered reporters' questions outside Rome' Gemelli hospital. He then embraced a crying woman and proceeded to bless her. Pope Francis also spoke to a couple, then got in the front passenger seat of a white Fiat 500.

It is also being reported that one of the questions that was asked by a reporter was how Pope Francis was doing, to which the Pope replied, "I'm still alive."

The Pope's health scare

It was on Wednesday afternoon that the 86-year-old Pope Francis was rushed to the Gemelli hospital after experiencing chest pains and breathing difficulties.

Various tests were performed, and serious issues were ruled out.

It was, instead, found that Pope Francis had contracted viral bronchitis. Apparently, doctors were able to get the Pope back to good health during his three-night hospital stay, using antibiotics that were intravenously administered.

"Pope Francis was discharged"

On Saturday, Matteo Bruni, the director of the Vatican press office, released a statement regarding Pope Francis's hospital stay.

Bruni, in the statement, wrote:

This morning, Saturday 1 April, Pope Francis was discharged from the A. Gemelli University Hospital. Before leaving the facility, the Holy Father greeted the Rector of the Catholic University, Franco Anelli, with his closest collaborators, the General Director of the Polyclinic [hospital], Marco Elefanti, the general ecclesiastical assistant of the Catholic University, Monsignor Claudio Giuliodori, and the team of doctors and health workers who assisted him during these days.

According to Bruni, Pope Francis is making "normal medical progress."

Bruni also said:

I can confirm that, since he is scheduled to leave the hospital [on Saturday], Pope Francis is expected to be present in St. Peter's Square on Sunday for the Eucharistic celebration of Palm Sunday, the Passion of the Lord.

He's back

Pope Francis did preside over Palm Sunday mass this weekend.

According to CBS News, the Pope's "homily focused on moments when people feel "extreme pain, love that fails, or is rejected or betrayed.″

Pope Francis began his homily:

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mt 27:46). This is the cry that today’s liturgy has us repeat in the responsorial psalm (cf. Ps 22:2), the only cry that Jesus makes from the cross in the Gospel we have heard. Those words bring us to the very heart of Christ’s passion, the culmination of the sufferings he endured for our salvation. “Why have you forsaken me?

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