Post-Biden debate chaos: the Democratic Party's desperate call

 July 1, 2024

The tone within the Democratic Party has taken a turn to the extreme following what can only be termed as a horrible debate night last week.

According to a recent report by The Daily Mail, the leaders of the Democratic Party are begging the rank and file members of Congress to not give up on Biden, following the massive embarrassment.

Jaime Harrison, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and Julie Chavez Rodriguez, campaign manager for Joe Biden, attempted to allay fears about the president's potential as their 2024 candidate during a clandestine call that followed Thursday's CNN debate in Atlanta.

The Plan

Democrats appear to be desperate to pull out a win in an election where President Biden barely scraped by in 2020, now bearing the burden of a terrible leadership record and even worse mental decline.

Participants on the call assert that their leaders are trying to manipulate them into ignoring warning signals of mental deterioration.

They are of the opinion that Biden, who is 81 years old, may no longer be the most qualified candidate.

Many Party members, strategists, and funders are contemplating whether to seek a successor with about fifteen days to go until the Democratic Convention.

Biden's Actions

All this takes place against the backdrop of the president having retreated to Camp David following the debate.

This is after he already spent a solid week before the debate at the retreat, trying to prepare for the showdown with Trump. Some are now claiming that the president is at the retreat to discuss his path forward with family and advisors.

According to a scathing NBC News report, one individual said that Biden seemed humiliated and devoid of confidence following the debate.

Even after he leaves office, the public will always remember the President for his images of his open mouth and blank, staring eyes.

More from the DNC

During an interview with MSNBC, Harrison minimized the importance of the conference call.

He stated that the call was a routine appointment to discuss the current state of the campaign with elected officials from across the country and to deliberate on the forthcoming national convention.

Harrison and Rodriguez, two of the Party's most influential members, disregarded Biden's perceived vulnerability and provided what some call participants described as a positive
outlook on Biden's future.

"I was hoping for more of a substantive conversation instead of, 'Hey, let's go out there and just be cheerleaders,' without actually addressing a very serious issue that unfolded on American television for millions of people to see," said Joe Salazar, an elected DNC member from Colorado who was on the call, according to the Associated Press.

He added: "There were a number of things that could have been said in addressing the situation. But we didn't get that. We were being gaslit."

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