Report: Fed prosecutor near decision on possible criminal charges against Hunter Biden

May 4, 2023

A recent report indicated that Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss is close to making a decision on whether to proceed with federal criminal charges against Hunter Biden, according to Fox News.

Weiss, a holdover from the Trump administration, has been overseeing a federal investigation of President Joe Biden's son since 2018 and is said to be considering at least four separate counts, two misdemeanors and two felonies, related to alleged violations of tax and firearms laws.

It remains unclear when, or even if, a prosecutorial decision will be made, and there have been a number of reports over the past several months that similarly asserted federal charges against Biden were imminent -- though he has yet to be actually charged with any crimes.

Biden's attorneys recently met with federal prosecutors

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that, according to unnamed sources said to be "familiar with the matter," U.S. Attorney Weiss was "nearing the end of his decision-making process" on whether to indict Hunter Biden on federal criminal charges.

That follows a reported meeting last week at the Justice Department headquarters in Washington D.C. that involved Biden's defense attorneys with Weiss and other federal prosecutors to discuss the case.

The Post noted that such meetings typically occur at the end of an investigation and typically feature defense attorneys making a final plea on behalf of their client to avoid or reduce any potential criminal charges that may soon be forthcoming.

That said, the unnamed sources stated that there was no "timetable" on when Weiss would render his decision and suggested the possibility that there could be further delays in the more than four-year-long probe that has already reportedly endured several prior delays.

Prosecutors said to be considering four federal charges

According to an NBC News report last month, the investigation of Hunter Biden that began in 2018 was initially a broad look into his dubious foreign business dealings, including whether his actions had imperiled national security or violated lobbying laws, but has since been narrowed considerably to focus on alleged tax- and gun-related crimes.

Prosecutors were said to be considering at least four charges -- two misdemeanors for failing to file taxes, one felony count for tax evasion, and another felony count for lying about his admitted illicit drug use on a federal gun purchase form.

Anonymous sources told NBC that both FBI and IRS investigators had long ago concluded that there was sufficient evidence of crimes committed to recommend federal charges and that there was "growing frustration" among agents that prosecutors had thus far failed to move forward with the case.

AG Garland disputes IRS whistleblower claim of DOJ interference

Just days later after that NBC report, ABC News reported that an anonymous IRS whistleblower had also come forward through an attorney and offered to submit to Congress evidence that the DOJ had interfered in the investigation and was granting "preferential treatment" to the president's son that otherwise wouldn't be afforded to other subjects of a federal probe.

That whistleblower was also alleged to possess evidence that would contradict sworn testimony to Congress from Attorney General Merrick Garland about the Hunter Biden probe and his assertions on multiple occasions that there would be no interference whatsoever in Weiss's ongoing investigation.

ABC News noted that Garland finally addressed that allegation on Tuesday when asked by a reporter during a press conference on an unrelated subject.

Queried on whether he still stood by his prior sworn statements, Garland replied, "Yes, it's still the case I stand by my testimony, and I refer you to the U.S. attorney for the District of Delaware who is in charge of this case and capable of making any decisions that he feels are appropriate."

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