Pundit says Jill Biden is "addicted" to being first lady and will "prop her husband up"

 February 18, 2024

Hunter Biden has long had a well-documented struggle with drugs and alcohol. Yet according to one observer, Hunter's stepmother suffers from an addiction of her own.

During an appearance last on "Fox Across America," podcast host and Fox News commentator Kennedy claimed that First Lady Jill Biden is hooked on being in the White House. 

Kennedy says Jill Biden "she does not want to leave" the White House

"Doctor Jill has gotten so addicted to the glitz and the free dresses," Real Clear Politics quoted the pundit as saying on Thursday.

Kennedy highlighted the other perks that come with being first lady, including "the state dinners" and "the private jet" which allow her to avoid "the filthy, dirty people who fly Southwest."

The host noted that the first lady has "a house full of servants" who "cater to her whims" before declaring that  "Jill Biden could not wait to live in the White House and now she does not want to leave."

Kennedy maintained that this has encouraged Mrs. Biden to "prop her husband up" much as the protagonists propped up a corpse in the classic 1989 comedy "Weekend at Bernie's."

"There will be an actual marionette," Kennedy predicted. "She will have her hand up the presidential keyster if necessary, in order to continue to animate her husband so she gets to stay first lady."

Author claims that first lady is managing her husband

Kennedy's comments came less than a week after the New York Post reported that the first lady and White House staff had been working to hide the extent of President Joe Biden's mental decline.

The Post cited a book written by New York Times correspondent Katie Rogers on recent first ladies, including the current one.

Rogers claims that Mrs. Biden plays an active role in managing her husband's press conferences by seating herself just out of camera view and signaling when it is time for an event to end.

The first lady is also alleged to accompany the president when he is walking across the White House lawn in order to keep him from being distracted by questions from reporters.

Staff harangued for letting press conference fall apart

Rogers further asserts that Mrs. Biden once expressed anger at staff for allowing a press conference she was not present for to go off the rails.

"Why didn’t anyone stop that?" Mrs. Biden was quoted as saying. The author wrote, "Everyone stayed silent, looking at one another, and then at her, and back to one another. That included the most powerful man in the world."

"Her husband essentially played along, not offering an answer, even though aides had slipped him a card suggesting he end the press conference," Rogers added.

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