Republican moderate Chris Sununu says he'll make 2024 decision soon, slams 'loser' Trump

 May 5, 2023

New Hampshire's moderate Republican governor Chris Sununu said he'll decide whether to run for president by late June.

The Trump critic shared his plans with CBS in a lengthy interview on the 2024 horserace.

Asked if he's running, Sununu said he's "all over the place" and that he's still assessing his role in Republican politics.

"There’s a lot of folks that want me to get in,” he added. “My mission right now is, I’m a team player," he said.

Republican drops 2024 hint

Sununu said there's a "50-50" chance he runs, but he'll have to decide by "late June" in order to get on the debate stage and the ballot.

“I’ll probably make a decision in the next month or so just because that’s the logistics timing that a candidate would need to really make sure that they meet all the markers, get ballot access and make sure that they can run a truly competitive race,” he said.

The governor spent much of the interview criticizing the early GOP frontrunner, former President Trump, as a "loser" with a "victim" complex.

"It’s kind of the ‘woe is me, poor me, that DA is beating up on me in New York," he said, referring to Trump's criminal prosecution in Manhattan.

Elevator pitch

Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, another anti-Trump moderate Republican, jumped in the primary last week.

Previewing his campaign pitch, Sununu said he offers "optimism" and "results" over "political stunts."

"I'm the guy that's able to get stuff done no matter what hand I'm dealt," he said.

The only Republican seen as a serious threat to Trump, however, is Florida governor Ron DeSantis (R). He is expected to launch a campaign in the coming weeks, once the legislative session in Florida is done.

Slams "wimp" Trump

Trump's challengers have slammed him for threatening to skip the primary debates. The former president says there's no point in attending, given his "insurmountable" advantage.

He has also raised concerns with moderator bias. The first debate in August is being hosted by Fox News, which Trump has accused of promoting DeSantis.

Sununu dismissed Trump's threats as "talk" but added Trump would be a "wimp" not to participate. On the other hand, Sununu praised Trump for his decision to come to New Hampshire, an early primary state, for a CNN town hall next week.

"You gotta talk to voters everywhere," he said.

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