RFK Jr. gets restraining order against crazed home intruder

November 30, 2023

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has obtained a restraining order against a stalker who tried breaking into his Los Angeles home. 

The intruder agreed not to contact Kennedy or come within 100 feet of his house in tony Brentwood.

Kennedy was prepared to seek a judicial order, but the intruder agreed to stay away for five years.

Kennedy restraining order

The intruder was identified as Jonathan Macht, a 28-year-old realtor in Los Angeles.

On October 25, Macht scaled a fence at Kennedy's home before being caught by his private guards. Macht was arrested and released later that day, only to make another attempt to access the property.

Kennedy claims the man has sent hundreds of e-mails, some threatening.

"He has written me 435 emails in a three-month period, including one last week, which was about me getting a bullet in my brain," he told Fox News.

RFK Jr.'s father Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles by a Palestinian activist in 1968 - five years after RFK Jr.'s uncle, President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas.

Biden refuses to protect....

Macht was reportedly flagged by the Secret Service before the attempted break-ins, and the agency determined Kennedy faced an "elevated risk" of harm.

"Kennedy's family history, perceived controversial stance on vaccines, and his status as a challenger to President Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination elevates his risk for adverse attention," the report said.

But Kennedy says the Biden administration has refused his requests for protection. (As it turns out, Biden doesn't take good care of Secret Service either.)

A man impersonating a police officer was also arrested at one of Kennedy's campaign events in September.

Kennedy and his wife, Curb Your Enthusiasm actor Cheryl Hines, have said the administration is fearful of elevating Kennedy's campaign by providing him with the protection he requests.

"They know what's happening"

"They know what's happening and they know what has been happening," Hines said. "I can't believe that they are not responding."

Despite the Kennedy name, Democrats have put RFK Jr. at arms' length as the party rallies around Biden's re-election bid.  Kennedy left the Democratic party in October to run as an independent.

Many have questioned whether RFK might spoil a three-way contest with Biden and Doanld Trump, and if so, who would come out on the losing side.

RFK Jr. has built a sizable following on the populist right with his vaccine skepticism, but he retains many progressive views that would likely alienate many right-leaning voters.

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