Robert F. Kennedy Jr. VP Consideration Addressed by Aaron Rodgers

 May 24, 2024

On Tuesday, while attending organized team activities with the New York Jets, quarterback Aaron Rodgers affirmed to reporters a rumor that had been circulating for the majority of the offseason.

The forty-year-old verified to reporters that he had been contacted regarding the possibility of him serving as Vice President under presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy in 2024, as Sports Illustrated reported.

Rodgers disclosed that he had been contemplating a return to the New York Jets for the 2024 season or assuming the role of vice president at RFK.

Rodgers' Response

"I love Bobby. We had a couple of really nice conversations, but there were really two options," Rodgers said. "It was retire and be his VP or keep playing. And I want to keep playing."

In March, it was reported that Kennedy considered Rodgers to be at the top of his list of potential vice presidential candidates. In the end, Kennedy opted to appoint Nicole Shanahan as his running companion.

Following a lengthy absence in 2023 due to an Achilles injury sustained on the opening drive of the Jets' inaugural game, Rodgers is positioned to resume his professional activities this year with the possibility of politics being temporarily set aside.

With Rodgers's return from injury, New York faces significant anticipation, as the team has secured six prime-time games and has been favored in 14 of their 17 matchups this season, a franchise-record number.

The Eventual VP

Shanahan, who was appointed as the vice presidential nominee, acknowledged that she initially harbored negative sentiments towards Kennedy but was captivated by his campaign upon hearing his interviews. She further stated that his remarks instilled "hope for our democracy," as CNN reported.

“I saw a person of intelligence, of compassion and of reason. … I discovered a person who speaks out on issues that, even though they are critically important to human health and welfare, are consistently ignored by our government, and for the first time in a long time, I felt hope for our democracy,” Shanahan said.

The hope of Kennedy's campaign is that Shanahan's youth and familiarity with the anti-establishment discourse of the tech industry will enable him to broaden and energize his voter base.

Change in Tone

Despite adopting a more circumspect stance towards vaccines in comparison to Kennedy, a prominent skeptic, Shanahan has consistently raised doubts regarding their safety.

Shanahan insinuated on Tuesday that "pharmaceutical medicines," including vaccines and prescriptions, might be a factor in the increase in childhood autism rates.

Additionally, the well-advised investor might be able to furnish a monetary infusion to support Kennedy's costly campaign and its endeavor to secure a spot on the presidential ballot in every state.

The endeavor has been impeded by state regulations that mandate candidates to register in the company of a running mate.

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