Security helps Fani Willis to escape questions about her scandal

 April 29, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' (D) security rushed her out of an event on Friday. 

"What was she escaping from?" you may ask. The answer is questions from investigative journalist Laura Loomer about Willis' scandal.

Loomer caught the whole situation on camera, and she posted the video to her TruthSocial account. Take a look:


Willis is one of the Democrat prosecutors who has brought a criminal case against former President Donald Trump. Willis alleges that Trump and his associates committed crimes when they attempted to challenge Georgia's results in the 2020 presidential election.

The case, however, has largely backfired on Willis, as she has found herself a the center of numerous scandals. The most well-known scandal is the one involving her lover, Attorney Nathan Wade.

Wade is the man whom she chose to prosecute Trump, awarding him a lucrative contract to do so. She didn't tell anyone, though, that she and Wade were seeing each other. She also didn't reveal that Wade was using some of the money that she gave him to take her on vacations.

Wade has since been removed from the Trump case, while Willis has remained. But, it turns out that Willis and Wade are still seeing each other.

Loomer caught them on camera together at an event that they attended in Maimi, Florida, on Friday night.

Fani Gets Loomered

The footage posted by Loomer appears to show Willis and Wade at the National Association of Black County Officials (NABCO). Willis spoke at the event, and it was right when she finished that Loomer confronted her.

"I asked Fani why she’s persecuting President Trump and weaponizing the justice system against him," Loomer writes, adding, "[Willis] was silent (for once in her life) and ran away from me."

The video clip posted by Loomer confirms this. Loomer posted another clip as well, showing Willis being rushed away in an SUV.

Loomer reports:

I asked her why she has violated the House Judiciary Committee’s request for her communications with the J6 committee. She was silent as a man with her put his hand in my face and rushed her away in a black SUV to the National Association of Black County Officials party where bottle girls are walking around half naked.

This is confirmed by the other video clip that Loomer posted. Willis is probably going to be running away for the rest of her political career.

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