Six stabbed to death at kindergarten in China

 July 13, 2023

Just give us your guns, Democrats say - what could go wrong?

Look to China, where the people have no freedom - and children still get murdered at school.

Three kindergarteners were stabbed to death by a lunatic Monday in the southern province of Guangdong. Two adults and a teacher also died in the killing spree, and another was injured.

Six stabbed to death in China

The suspect was a 25-year-old by the surname Wu. He perpetrated his assault while students were being dropped off in the morning at the school in Lianjing.

Gruesome video of the attack's aftermath appeared to show the victims lying dead in the street. The videos spread on Weibo, a popular social media app in the authoritarian country.

"It's outrageous to do this to children who have no power at all. How many families will be destroyed by this ... I support the death penalty," one user wrote.

China's state media is suppressing the details of the attack to prevent copycat incidents, the BBC reported. The massacre was the latest in a pattern of stabbing attacks at schools in China, which has some of the world's strictest gun laws.

Another knife attack last August left three dead and six wounded at a school in Jiangxi province. Two were killed and sixteen were wounded in a 2021 stabbing massacre at a kindergarten Guangxi.

Disarming the masses

Many of the attacks are carried out by frustrated men who harbor a grudge against China's ruthlessly competitive society, the BBC noted.

Many countries in Europe also have strict gun control, but these laws have not protected citizens from being randomly assaulted and killed in public.

A Syrian immigrant in France went on a terrifying stabbing spree at a playground last month, leaving four children in critical condition.

A courageous citizen resorted to using his backpack to stop the assailant until police arrived. The man has become a folk hero in France.

"He took a lot of risks – when he wasn't armed, with just his backpacks," the man's father said. "He didn't stop running after him for many minutes, to stop him from coming back and massacring the kids even more. I think he prevented carnage by scaring him off. Really very courageous."

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