Speaker Johnson reportedly living paycheck to paycheck, Dems attack him for supposed financial failings

 November 4, 2023

Democrats are using the discovery that House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-MN) is living paycheck to paycheck to attack the new leader of the House.

The Daily Beast did a deep dive on Johnson with an article titled, "Does New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson Have a Bank Account?" The article claimed that Johnson "has never listed a bank account on his financial disclosure. In fact, on his newest disclosure he doesn’t list a single asset at all."

Based on the analysis of Johnson's disclosure forms, it appears that he is living paycheck to paycheck which prompted a flurry of attacks from the Democrat Party.

Daily Beast senior political reporter Roger Sollenberger stated, "Of course, it’s unlikely Johnson doesn’t actually have a bank account. What’s more likely is Johnson lives paycheck to paycheck — so much so that he doesn’t have enough money in his bank account to trigger the checking account disclosure rules for members of Congress."

However, this attempted hit piece has also generated an incredible amount of support for Speaker Johnson, both with members of his own Party as well as the American people, many of whom also live paycheck to paycheck.

One of us

While Democrats are attempting to portray Johnson as irresponsible, many are cheering Johnson on as his finances have more in common with the regular American than most politicians' finances.

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) wrote on X that, "The Daily Beast is furious that @SpeakerJohnson isn’t rich, corrupt or rich from being corrupt. He doesn’t have shady business deals. He doesn’t trade stocks as a congressman. Cry more, I guess?"

One can't help but think about former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who become obscenely wealthy and was heavily involved in what many suspect was insider trading.

Other Democrats like Senator Bob Menendez (R-NJ) are facing serious accusations of financial crimes. Compared to them, a House Speaker who is living paycheck to paycheck and not becoming impossibly wealthy is a breath of fresh air.

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) also responded to the Daily Beast by saying, "So, to extent accurate, he’s like a lot of Americans right now while also navigating raising a large family? What a monster."

Johnson has more in common with the regular struggling American than any of his predecessors and many of those in the Republican Party. While he still has a lot to prove, he is already proving to be one of us.

Tough road ahead

This attempted hit piece will be one of the lighter attacks Johnson will likely face in the coming years. Johnson has shown his conservative side since day one which means both Democrats and establishment Republicans will be working on his downfall.

The swamp simply cannot tolerate a politician who won't participate in the system and conservatives can only hope that Johnson has the strength to hold the line.

He will have his work cut out for him especially with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) determined to work with Democrats and sell out Republican voters at every opportunity.

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