Special Counsel Hur interview with Biden Ghostwriter Mark Zwonitzer unveiled

 June 14, 2024

The narrative that describes how Mark Zwonitzer became involved in the investigation has finally been described at length in the transcript of an interview with President Joe Biden's ghostwriter.

The recently released transcript, which is 266 pages long, is 266 pages, according to the Oversight Project.

Release of the documents is something Republicans have long sought to shed light on a few topics, including the president's current mental state.

The Writer

The FBI agents and prosecutors working for Special Counsel Robert Hur were informed by Biden's ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer, that he had destroyed some of the recordings of interviews that he had made with Biden. This information was provided at the beginning of the previous year.

Zwonitzer is alleged to have reported that he "was concerned about the possibility of being hacked" and that he was frightened that the audio would "spread all over the place," as stated in records that were recently made public by the Department of Justice.

According to Zwonitzer, who wrote two memoirs on Biden's life, he burned the interviews sometime between the beginning of January and the beginning of February in the year 2023.

The Investigation

This occurred not long after Hur was assigned as a special counsel to investigate sensitive materials discovered at Biden's apartment and think tank in Washington.

During interviews with FBI agents and two assistant special counsels, Zwonitzer stated that his "chief concern" centered around "a lot of personal and emotional stuff" that Biden shared with him regarding his son Beau Biden, who had passed away.

Particularly, he was concerned that the discoveries could be weaponized by right-wing operators, whom he felt may have attempted to hack his computer, which was where the audio was saved.

Specifically, the facts of Zwonitzer's testimony were gathered from a transcript of his interview with FBI agents and Hur's team that was 266 pages long.

Release of the Document

This transcript was obtained by several news outlets, released by the Department of Justice in response to a Freedom of Information Act petition.

In the final report that Hur compiled, certain aspects of Zwonitzer's worries about the security of his computer were highlighted briefly in the transcript.

However, the transcript provides a more in-depth account of how Zwonitzer became involved in the high-profile inquiry.

The protection that Zwonitzer showed for Biden was unwavering. In contrast to Hur's own conclusions, he made numerous observations that Biden's memory was reliable, and he also mentioned that a significant portion of the information that was included in his book was derived from the president's diaries and recollections.

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