Steve Bannon says he has 'no regrets' as he heads to prison

 July 1, 2024

Former Trump White House adviser Steven Bannon says that he has "no regrets" about what he has done despite the fact that he is about to go to prison.

Bannon made the remark during a pre-prison interview that he did on ABC's This Week over the weekend.

There, Bannon talked about a wide range of topics, with the interviewer, Jonathan Karl, essentially trying to paint Bannon as a far-right "MAGA" extremist.

Bannon, though, held his own.


Bannon is scheduled to report to prison on Monday, July 1, 2024. This comes after Bannon was prosecuted by President Joe Biden's Department of Justice (DOJ) for a contempt of Congress charge.

The charge stemmed from Bannon's refusal to comply with the House Jan. 6 Committee. This was the extremely partisan committee that was tasked with investigating the Capitol protest of Jan. 6, 2021, but, instead, spent all of its time attempting to pin the events of that day on former President Donald Trump. The committee, before it was disbanded, was even caught destroying evidence that many believe was favorable to Trump.

Bannon was one of the Trump insiders whom the committee subpoenaed. He refused to comply, and this is what led to the contempt of Congress charge.

Not only did Biden's DOJ take the unusual move of prosecuting Bannon, but Bannon was found guilty and sentenced to four months of imprisonment. It is worth noting that the same Biden DOJ has refused to prosecute Democrats - including U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland - for clear violations of the same law.

Bannon is appealing his conviction, but, for now, he has been ordered to prison.

"No regrets"

Despite the fact that he is going to prison, Bannon says that, to this day, he still has no regrets about refusing to comply with the partisan committee's subpoena.

Regarding the prison sentence, Bannon told Karl, "I'm a political prisoner ... It won't change me. It will not suppress my voice. My voice will not be suppressed when I'm there."

Karl then asked Bannon whether he had any regrets and Bannon said that he did not.

"If it took me going to prison to finally get the House to start to move, to start to delegitimize the illegitimate J6 committee, then, hey, guess what, my going to prison is worth it," Bannon said.

Bannon is not the only Trump advisor whom the Biden administration has sent to prison for defying the Jan. 6 committee's subpoena. Peter Navarro has suffered a similar fate.

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