Former New York Times editor says journalists helped to hide Biden mental decline

 July 3, 2024

President Joe Biden's declining mental state was laid bare last week following his disastrous debate against former President Donald Trump.

In response, one media whistleblower is now accusing her colleagues of trying to deceive the American people. 

"Shame on the White House press corps"

According to Fox News, that allegation was put forward by former New York Times editor Jill Abramson in a Semafor op-ed piece published on Tuesday.

"The Biden White House clearly succeeded in a massive cover-up of the degree of the President’s feebleness and his serious physical decline, which may be simply the result of old age," Abramson declared.

"Shame on the White House press corps for not to have pierced the veil of secrecy surrounding the President," the former Times editor complained.

Abramson went on to assert that it is "laughable and immoral for Democrats to blame the press now for over-reacting to that reality."

Journalists "did not want to be accused of helping elect Donald Trump"

She insisted that Biden's diminished mental condition could have been publicized "if enough reporters had pushed" but said they chose not to do so based on their political bias.

"I worry that too many journalists didn't try to get the story because they did not want to be accused of helping elect Donald Trump. I get that," Abramson acknowledged.

"But this is no excuse for abandoning our first duty, which is to report the truth and hold power accountable," she continued.

"President Biden should be held accountable for his obvious lapses of mental acuity, even if there are periods of lucidity," Abramson went on to add.

Poll shows sharp drop in support for Biden following debate night

New polling data suggests any ability which members of the mainstream media ever had to conceal Biden's cognitive problems was apparently obliterated by the president's debate performance.

A post-debate survey published by CBS News found that just 27% of registered voters regard Biden as being mentally competent to carry out his duties, a drop of eight points from when the same question was asked earlier in the month.

Meanwhile, only 28% of voters believe that the president should be seeking a second White House term, down nine points from February.

When those opposed to Biden's candidacy were asked why they didn't want to see him run again, 86% pointed to his age, 71% voiced worries over the decisions he might make, and 66% cited his record in office.

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