Washington Post editorial board pens made-up Biden withdrawal speech

 July 5, 2024

In the aftermath of the presidential debate last Thursday in which President Joe Biden came across like the dementia-ridden, declining octogenarian he is, the Washington Post editorial board took it upon themselves to write an imaginary withdrawal speech for Biden.

Written like a speech about the 4th of July, the speech the Daily Caller called "unhinged and weird" quickly segued into Biden admitting he couldn't handle the presidency for four more years.

"A large part of me still wants to stay in the fight," the board wrote as Biden. "But, at this moment, the nation needs something I cannot provide: a leader with the energy to run a vigorous campaign and then to work for America, at all hours, for the next four years."

The op-ed gave as a reason for Biden's departure the fear that he would not beat former President Donald Trump in his weakened condition.

The real point

After a couple paragraphs of predictable "orange man bad" rhetoric, WaPo as Biden gets to the real point:

Are we so unsure of ourselves that we will empower a would-be king, one who has been given expansive powers by an activist Supreme Court? Or will we look back on Washington’s example, in the spring of American life, and recognize that our independence is built on service, sacrifice, a willingness to assume the best in one another and the belief there will be better seasons to come?

It sounds noble, but Biden so far has shown no evidence that he will do the noble thing. If he even knows what he's doing at this point.

Should whoever is handling him (Jill? Hunter? Barack Obama?) decide it's better for him to go, WaPo suggests having debates that include Vice President Kamala Harris and letting delegates pick a new nominee.

That would be a slap in the face to Harris and would probably get the Democrat National Committee called every kind of racist name in the book.

The real reason

The real reason Democrats have tried so desperately to hang onto Biden is because as bad as he is, Harris is worse.

She's vapid and idiotic, and she doesn't have the excuse of old age and mental decline that Biden does.

But she's next in line, so unless Michelle Obama makes a play for the job that she's always denied she wanted, Harris will probably be the best the Democrat Party can do.

WaPo doesn't want to admit this reality--who on the left would?

But nevertheless, it is the reality that has kept them denying reality for the last four-plus years, if you count Biden's 2020 basement campaign.

If the former first lady or anyone other than Harris had been his vice president, he would have been out on his ear after six months.

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