Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin distances herself from Biden following debate

 July 5, 2024

President Joe Biden's abysmal debate showing against President Donald Trump is continuing to reverberate throughout the Democratic Party.

An example of the disaster can be seen in Wisconsin, where one of Biden's most faithful supporters now appears ready to say goodbye. 

Senator wants "no part of being seen" with the president

That's according to RedState contributor Mike Miller, who noted that Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin has voted 96% of the time in accordance with the president's wishes.

Despite this, Miller stressed that Baldwin wanted "no part of being seen" with Biden when we traveled to Madison, Wisconsin on Friday.

Indeed, Newsweek pointed out that Baldwin's decision to stay away was highlighted in a social media post by Wisconsin GOP chairman Brian Schimming.

"Sen. Tammy Baldwin ⁩skipping Biden visit to Wisconsin, says she's too busy on 'Fired Up for Tammy Tour.' It's better than 'I Don't Want To Get Fired with Joe' Tour in Madison," he wrote.

Baldwin choosing self-preservation over helping Biden

A spokesperson for the Baldwin campaign attempted to downplay her absence, telling the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that she "is running her own race for the people of Wisconsin."

However, Miller treated that explanation with skepticism, writing, "Like a growing list of Democrat lawmakers who want Biden to leave the race, Baldwin is more interested in saving her own a-- than in trying to help her buddy Joe win her state."

Ben Voelkel is a spokesman for Eric Hovde, who is Baldwin's presumptive Republican opponent, and he echoed those sentiments in a statement of his own to the Sentinel.

Voelkel said it is "not surprising that President Biden struggled to explain the disastrous consequences of the inflationary and open borders policies Sen. Baldwin fully supports."

New polls show Biden trailing Trump by six points

"What's more surprising is that Sen. Baldwin wants four more years of runaway inflation and the open borders that have allowed dangerous criminals, terrorists and deadly drugs to flood our country," he added.

Baldwin's newfound reticence to be seen with the president comes as new polling data suggests his public support is waning.

A New York Times/Sienna survey conducted between June 28 and July 6 found that former President Trump had a six-point lead over Biden. Meanwhile, A Wall Street Journal poll carried from June 29 to July 6 showed Trump ahead by the same margin.

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