Comedian and dog lover Tony Knight dies in freak accident

 July 5, 2024

Fans of Australian comedian Tony Knight were recently left heartbroken when they learned that the beloved star died in a horrible accident. 

According to Fox News, Knight passed away at an event in Lavaur, France late last month when he was struck by a large falling tree branch.

Comedian was "having the time of his life"

An unnamed family member lamented to the network that Knight's death came when he "was only 54 and having the time of his life."

"He was fit, healthy, happy and had everything going for him," the family member continued. "He was charismatic, funny, passionate and so very loved by [his partner] Hayley, his family and his friends all over the world."

Meanwhile, TMZ reported that Knight's death was addressed by his longtime romantic partner Hayley Wright in an Instagram post.

"I just wanted to thank everyone who has reached out after the news of Tony passing. I've loved hearing your stories about Tony [and] it's also reinforced what a truly amazing, talented man he was," she wrote.

Knight had a passion for dogs

"It's a long journey ahead [and] the light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere to be seen, because he was that bright shining light," Wright continued.

She went on to ask Knight's fans to honor his life, telling them to "please support your local dog rescue, catch an amateur comedy show or see an up [and] coming band."

Fox News noted that Knight was known for his love of and work with canines, with some affectionately referring to him as the "Dog Listener."

His website states that he "helped thousands of dog owners all over the world solve problem dog behavior with simple techniques that use no force, pain, domination, drugs or gadgets."

"He has also trained other people from over 30 countries to become 'Dog Listeners." Tony's skills have been featured on TV in several countries and he is a regular radio guest all over the world (even in French!)," it added.

Tributes to Knight appeal online

Fans of Knight were quick to post tributes on social media, with one X user writing, "I am extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Tony knight."

"His words of wisdom and sense was and will always be of comfort to this doggy mum. I was captivated when hearing him speak in Sydney a few years ago," she added.

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