Suspect unleashes violent dogs on Chicago police, three hospitalized

 September 11, 2023

An unknown assailant unleashed two violent dogs on Chicago police officers on Sunday, sending three of them to the hospital with injuries. 

The officers were investigating a scene in the West Garfield Park area at 11:22 a.m. when a female suspect "tried to intervene" and the unknown assailant released the dogs.

One of the officers shot one of the dogs during the attack.

Police investigating

"Three officers sustained dog bites, and an officer discharged their weapon striking the canine," police told Fox Digital.

All of the injured officers were in good condition once hospitalized, and the female suspect was arrested and is in custody.

The assailant who released the dogs has not been found, and police are still investigating the incident.

Serious implications

Compared to the epidemic of homicides in the city, this incident may not seem as serious, but the implications could be serious if more suspects decide to act in the same way.

The lack of respect for police officers is appalling, and it doesn't bode well for future relations between police and the people they serve and protect.

There have been 415 homicides so far in Chicago in just the first nine months of 2023, but that high number is still 6% less than the last few years at this point in the year.

The main problem is that gang members outnumber police about 10 to 1, which makes keeping law and order nearly impossible.

While previous mayors have put in place strict gun control laws to try to cut down on shootings, they haven't been able to stop gang members from bringing illegal guns into the community in violation of the laws.

Too many illegal guns

There are too many guns for police to find and confiscate them all, and these guns are the ones mostly being used to commit many of the homicides in the city.

More than 5,000 illegal guns were confiscated in Chicago in 2023 alone. "Getting a gun in the city is like buying a pack of cigarettes at a gas station," Wesley Pickett, a resident convicted of selling guns illegally, said in a 2017 letter from prison.

It's possible that part of the problem is that there are no gun shops allowed in the city, so people need to get them illegally if they are going to have them at all. Obviously, they don't care about what actually works as long as their ideology is satisfied.

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