Horrifying video shows Syrian refugee on stabbing spree against young children in park in France

 June 9, 2023

Recall in 2017 when then-President Donald Trump sought to ban the acceptance of refugees from certain dangerous countries, like Syria, in order to protect American citizens from potential attacks by violent foreigners with little or no regard for Western culture and societal norms.

Trump was roundedly denounced as a hateful racist, but the very thing he sought to prevent just occurred in France when a Syrian refugee went on a stabbing spree in a park and violently attacked several young children and adults, according to the New York Post.

The horrific attack, part of which was caught on cellphone video, resulted in at least six people being wounded by the assailant, including two adults and four young toddlers.

Horrific knife attack on children caught on video

The name of the attacker has not yet been released but he has been identified by French authorities as a 31-year-old Syrian who was originally granted refugee status in Sweden but was now a legal resident in France who was not deemed to pose a threat by French security agencies.

His brutal assault took place in and around the play area of Le Paquiet Park in the picturesque mountain town of Annecy as the man, dressed in black shorts and a black shirt with a blue headscarf, used a knife to repeatedly slash and stab at his victims, including young children strapped in strollers.

A number of bystanders and witnesses sought to intervene, either with counterattacks of their own or by chasing him, particularly one man who used a backpack as a makeshift weapon to repeatedly hit and distract the violent man away from the children that he kept circling back toward to stab.

Police eventually arrived on the scene and managed to take the assailant into custody following a brief struggle.

Syrian Christian was granted refugee status by Sweden

According to Reuters, French authorities confirmed that the Syrian national had been granted asylum in Sweden 10 years ago and, as such, had been denied asylum in France, though he had been allowed to enter the country legally.

Authorities further revealed that they didn't believe the attack was terrorism-related and that his motive was unclear, as well as that he was under investigation for attempted murder

It was further noted, and confirmed by the man's ex-wife, that the attacker identified as a Christian and was carrying "certain Christian religious insignia" as well as a prayer book during the assault on the children.

Macron heralds "hero" with backpack, provides update on status of victims

As for the man with the backpack who risked his own life to try to protect the children, the Associated Press reported that he has been identified as a 24-year-old named Henri -- his last name has been withheld for privacy and safety concerns -- who has been hailed as a "hero" for bravely confronting the attacker and using his backpack as a means to halt the assault.

He was even personally thanked by French President Emmanuel Macron, who visited with victims and first responders at the hospital and informed the media that though a few of the victims had suffered serious injuries it was believed that all would ultimately survive.

The children who suffered injuries were identified only as a 3-year-old British girl, a pair of 2-year-old French cousins, and a 22-month-old Dutch girl. Of the two adults who were injured, one was from Portugal and was listed in serious condition with both a knife wound from the attacker and a gunshot wound from shots fired by the police that were sustained as he attempted to prevent the attacker from fleeing before the police arrived.

The Syrian refugee attacker who is being held in police custody is reportedly being evaluated by psychiatrists as investigators work to figure out why he launched his terrifying assault on defenseless children in strollers in an otherwise peaceful park setting.

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