Texas Supreme Court Pauses Ruling Allowing Abortion

 December 10, 2023

If NBC News is to be believed, than the Biden administration somehow thinks it's going to be a win to "aggressively" tie Donald Trump to every abortion ban in America.

Assuming that's true, and Donald Trump really does preventing abortions across the nation, his side just scored a massive win.

The Lone Star state acts.

On December 8, the Supreme Court of Texas put a hold on a judge's ruling that had approved an abortion for a pregnant woman in Texas.

The judge had originally approved the abortion despite the state's restrictions because the fetus has a fatal diagnosis.

The all-Republican court has decided that Kate Cox, a 31-year-old mother of two from the Dallas area, must at least for now follow the state's laws on abortions.

Because of the fatal diagnosis, an earlier judge had put a restraining order in place that prevented the state from enforcing the ban on Kate Cox.

But will it stick?

The court admitted that they weren't looking at the specifics of this individual case, and said that they were going to stay the ruling "without regard to the merits."

The case is still pending, so what this means is that Kate Cox isn't going to be able to rush to get an abortion while Texas figures out if it's legal or not.

"While we still hope that the Court ultimately rejects the state’s request and does so quickly, in this case we fear that justice delayed will be justice denied," said Kate Cox's representation, Molly Duane.

Molly Duane is an attorney at the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Cox's attorneys would not tell the court how or when Cox planned to abort her fetus with the fatal diagnosis, saying that doing so would cause too many concerns for Cox's safety.

In August, Kate Cox learned that she was pregnant for a third time, and found out a few weeks later that her baby was at high risks for a condition known as trisomy 18. Trisomy 18 carries a "very high likelihood of miscarriage or stillbirth and low survival rates," according to her lawsuit.

Do you think that ALL abortions are wrong, or should Texas make an exception in this case?

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