'This is communism': Trump decries predetermined outcome in New York trial

 October 6, 2023

Donald Trump condemned his civil fraud trial in New York as a partisan "railroading" with a predetermined outcome as he left Manhattan Wednesday. 

"It’s the beginning of communism in our country,” Trump said. “This is the beginning of communism."

While there appears to be little Trump can do to win this case, he is capitalizing on the publicity of his court appearances to tell his side of the story and defend his name and legacy.

Trump gets his message out

He already did this with his mugshot in Georgia, which he turned into a defiant call to arms and a fundraising tool.

The case in New York is personal for Trump, as it could decide the fate of his iconic real estate empire.

Trump spent three days in Manhattan this week for the trial's opening, where he blasted the case as a "continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time."

The case opened with a bang when the judge - who has already ruled against Trump without a jury - was seen smirking for the cameras with unmistakable self-satisfaction.

Trump called for the judge to be disbarred and assailed the Democratic prosecutor, Letitia James, as a politically motivated "racist" who prioritizes her personal ambitions over keeping New Yorkers safe from crime.

He has expressed particular frustration with the fact that the case has no jury, leaving the whole case in the hands of a clearly biased judge.

"If I had a jury, even though it’s in New York and I think I’d be fine with New York. But if I had a jury, we’d win this case very easily, but I don’t have a jury," he said.

"Trump show"

Of course, it isn't enough to rig the case against Trump - they have to attack him for trying to speak out about the injustice of it all.

After Trump left court on Wednesday, James accused Trump of orchestrating a "political stunt" by showing up in court to personally respond to her bogus narrative.

"The Donald Trump show is over. This was nothing more than a political stunt, a fundraising stop," she said.

Trump's argument is a slam dunk: there is no victim because the supposedly "defrauded" banks were paid back. But does it matter when the judge has his mind made up?

Even still, Trump isn't giving up. As usual, he is showing amazing resilience and making the most of out of an extremely unfair and difficult situation.

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