Top Democrats asking president to drop term 'Bidenomics'

 October 1, 2023

Polling data indicates Americans are deeply disappointed by President Joe Biden's economic record, with a CNN survey from last week finding that 58% believe his policies are making the economy worse.

The president seems to have exacerbated the problem by using the term "Bidenomics." In response, some of Biden's closest allies have all but ordered him to drop the word.

Congressional Black Caucus chairman: "We have to do a better job framing this "

That's according to an article published by the Daily Wire this Friday which pointed to comments from Nevada Democratic Rep. Steven Horsford.

Horsford, who serves as chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, recently told Politico that the "Bidenomics" campaign is not making his job any easier.

"We have to do a better job framing this not so much for one person — for the office of the presidency — but for the people," Horsford said.

Former Jill Biden spokesperson: "The economy hasn’t fully recovered yet"

Another critic is Michael LaRosa, a former spokesperson for first lady Jill Biden. Politico quoted him as saying, "I’ve never understood why you would brand an economy in your name when the economy hasn’t fully recovered yet."

"People need to be able to see and feel an economy in their own personal bank accounts. And it doesn’t change no matter how loud you scream the economy is better," LaRosa insisted.

Florida Democratic Rep. Maxwell Frost had a similar message, saying, "There’s a difference between the actual thing working and the message landing with people."

"I’ve told this to the president and the administration, [and] the campaign: You’ve got to make people feel like they’re along for the battle, like they’re part of the battle," she added.

Former Biden supporter admits the economy was better under Trump

However, Washington insiders aren't the only ones expressing skepticism, as Politico noted that even some rank and file Democratic voters are losing patience.

One of them is Tone Woods, an African American building trades worker from Michigan who voted for Biden in 2020 but went to hear former President Donald Trump speak last week.

Woods explained to Politico that he remains undecided over who to vote for next year, stating, "Gas is high. Inflation. So that’s why I’m stuck in the middle."

Woods added that he is looking at supporting the former president because "the economy was a little better when Trump was in office, to be honest with you."

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