Trump attacks DeSantis over flooding in Fort Lauderdale

 April 16, 2023

While Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has yet to announce any plans to seek the Republican Party's nomination next year, that hasn't stopped former President Donald Trump from attacking him.

The latest example came this past week when Trump accused DeSantis of ignoring a natural disaster in his home state. 

"He should be there"

Trump spoke with Breitbart after giving a speech to the National Rifle Association in Indiana on Friday, saying, "He shouldn’t be campaigning right now. He should be there."

DeSantis also spoke at the event as Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas of Broward County struggled with flooding.

Trump also told Breitbart News that he might tour Fort Lauderdale himself, saying, "I may, I’m right there. I just left from that area—the Palm Beach area."

"Fort Lauderdale is very close," he continued, adding, "Palm Beach has been hit hard too, but not as hard as Fort Lauderdale. They say it’s once in a hundred years what happened there."

Politico reported that Trump's attack on DeSantis came after his son, Donald Trump Jr., criticized the governor for attending a Republican Party event in Butler County, Ohio.

However, DeSantis spokesman Bryan Griffin provided a statement to Politico in which he said the governor has been managing the situation despite not being present in Florida.

"The governor left yesterday, and the unprecedented flooding intensified later in the night. He returns today," Griffin explained on Thursday.

Pro-DeSantis group releases ad targeting Trump

"Nonetheless, at the direction of Governor DeSantis, the state emergency response apparatus is in full swing responding to the flooding and the needs of the localities as they are communicated to us. This now includes issuing a state of emergency in Broward County," he continued.

Meanwhile, Fox News reported on Sunday that the pro-DeSantis political action committee Never Back Down released an ad targeting Trump.

"Donald Trump is being attacked by a Democrat prosecutor in New York, so why is he spending millions attacking the Republican governor of Florida?" it asked.

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