Trump jokes about his 'good-looking' and exceptionally tall son Barron on popular podcast

 June 15, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has always been highly complimentary of his children, and his youngest -- and tallest -- son Barron is certainly no exception.

During a recent podcast interview, Trump praised the 6'9" Barron as a "good-looking guy" who is also smart and has impressive athleticism, according to The Independent.

The remarks from Trump about his son's good looks have become a sort of recurring subtle joke in recent interviews and speeches given that Barron, 18, increasingly resembles his father as he has grown up since his childhood years in the White House.

Trump praises son Barron

Former President Trump sat down for an interview this week on the popular "Impaulsive" podcast hosted by WWE wrestler Logan Paul and discussed a wide range of issues and current events that delved into both politics and pop culture.

There was some about the upcoming fight between Paul's brother, professional boxer Jake Paul, and former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, which led to the mention of Trump's youngest son Barron.

"Over the years I've been very much involved with Mike Tyson. Mike is a great guy," Trump said. "My son -- I have a beautiful boy, Barron, and he loves Mike Tyson."

"He's a big boy, 6'9" -- and I couldn't get him to play basketball, he plays soccer. He's a good athlete, too. Good student, good athlete," the former president continued.

"But he's 6'9". Good-looking guy, but he is a tall one, no question about it," Trump added and joked, "I say, 'Barron, I don't want to take a picture next to you.' We've got to make him a fighter maybe."

Trump's outreach to younger voters

NBC News reported that former President Trump's appearance on the "Impaulsive" podcast was part of an ongoing effort at outreach toward younger voters -- a demographic that typically votes for Democrats but has increasingly been slipping away from President Joe Biden, per recent polling.

Logan Paul's podcast is a good fit for that effort as it is a hugely popular and profitable YouTube program that routinely receives more than a million views per episode from Paul's more than 23 million subscribers.

At the beginning of the episode, Trump handed out gifts to Paul and his co-host that included his famous red MAGA hats and t-shirts that featured his mugshot, which precipitated a brief discussion of the former president's historic criminal conviction and ongoing legal issues that have been countered with substantial donor support and polling numbers.

The conversation also featured some serious talk about Joe Biden's terrible presidency, the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

On a lighter note, Trump and Paul also discussed Trump's relationship with the UFC and Dana White, his relationship with billionaire Elon Musk, whether he believed in aliens, and his thoughts on artificial intelligence and the threats posed by "deep fake" audio and video.

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