Trump Lawyer On Defense After Assassination Comment

 January 11, 2024

Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy.

Even before his run in politics, it seems like all of the most noteworthy events of his life came around as a result of conflict.

Sure, he was known in the eighties and nineties, but his real run at superstardom probably came in the decade of the 2000's.

"The Apprentice" was the first time many of a younger generation had ever been exposed to Donald Trump.

It's been a wild ride

Not long after that, public feuds started happening for Donald, and it's a trend that hasn't died down.

For example, Donald's first big feud that I remember was his tilt with Rosie O'Donnell, which continues to this day.

Even on the play fighting side of things around this time Donald was getting into it, making numerous appearances on WWE programming because of a storyline feud with the company's owner, Vince McMahon.

Fast forward a few years, and Donald Trump was at war with Hillary Clinton.

A couple years after that, Donald Trump had to retire the "Crooked Hillary" nickname so that he could reassign it to "Crooked Joe" because of how dastardly Donald Trump is acting.

Now, Trump is feuding with the liberals in America's legal system.

His latest feud

They know that since Donald Trump appears to be cruising to victory in the court of public opinion that they don't want to let Donald get to the 2024 presidential election with enough time, energy, and money left over to finish the job.

That's why they're trying to distract him anyway they can.

One of the recent distractions has come after one of Trump's lawyers, John Sauer, came under fire for saying that Donald Trump should have immunity because of being the sitting President on the day the alleged January 6 insurrection happened, but that a president who orders Seal Team Six to assassinate a political rival "would have to be impeached and convicted."

So why the double standard for Donald Trump versus this ficticious scenario in which the president ordered his rival killed?

Another lawyer of Trump's recently eliminated all confusion on that with a surprisingly simple and convincing argument.


Try again, liberals.

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