Trump Not Appearing At Third GOP Debate

 October 22, 2023

Donald Trump skipped the first debate, and it did NOT hurt his numbers in the polls.

Donald Trump skipped the second debate, and it did NOT hurt his numbers in the polls.

So guess if Donald Trump is going to appear at the third GOP primary debate?

Not a chance.

Why would he?

The best thing that Trump could hope for is that he ends the debate night in the exact same position that he started it... in first place.

But there are COUNTLESS things that could go wrong.

Donald Trump can only go one direction, and that's down. He's already at the top, he can't go any higher.

Trump made the announcement on Truth Social.

As frustrating as it may be for anyone that wants a fair shot at Donald Trump, he's probably just not going to give it to them.

Being so far ahead in the polls means that Donald Trump doesn't have to attend the debates to boost his popularity, so he's not going to.

Donald Trump can't improve his standing, he can only go down.

If Donald Trump skips the debate, like he's planning on, the absolute worst thing that could happen is one of the candidates has a decent night compared to the other people that do show up, and maybe there becomes a new number two contender.

There is zero chance that a person can catch Trump in just one night of debating.

But there is a chance that Donald Trump could blow his lead if he were to show up.

Plenty of campaigns have been derailed in one night.

Donald Trump himself is evidence that you can make very big mistakes in the debates that can really cost a candidate.

It was a huge mistake for Donald Trump to not clearly and concise denounce the Proud Boys while debating Biden.

Trump couldn't figure out a way to do it, and people noticed.

Even a ton of Republicans thought it was very weird Trump didn't denounce the hate group.

There's simply no need for Trump to provide another possibility for an error like that.

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