Trump launches series of Truth Social attacks against NY Judge Merchan over weekend

 May 28, 2024

Closing arguments are set to be delivered this week in former President Donald Trump's New York criminal trial, after which the jury will receive instructions from the judge before they begin their deliberations on a final verdict.

Trump got a head start on his defense attorneys over the weekend in making his case with a series of Truth Social posts that featured several broad swipes at the prosecutor, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and presiding Judge Juan Merchan, according to HuffPost.

The former president repeatedly slammed Merchan as "conflicted" and "corrupt" in overseeing a politically motivated case with no real crime at the center that was little more than partisan persecution in an election year.

Trial rigged by biased judge

"Corrupt, Deeply Conflicted, Democrat Appointed Acting Judge Juan Merchan is doing all he can to even further RIG the Manhattan Sham 'Trial,'" former President Trump wrote in a Friday post. "He is denying me the opportunity to put on a Highly Respected Election Law Expert who will say, once again, that THERE WAS NO CRIME."

"This Judge, whose conflicts are completely disqualifying, isn’t even requiring a unanimous decision by the jury on key portions of this Criminal Hoax, which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND UNAMERICAN," he continued. "The whole Case should be ENDED IMMEDIATELY, and all the charges THROWN OUT, because everything was done right, with Legal Expenses being reported as Legal Expenses!"

"The Judge CANNOT be allowed to do further damage to Justice in New York and our Nation, and every Legal Scholar and Expert agrees with this," Trump added. "The whole Sham is a disgusting Political Witch Hunt by Crooked Joe Biden’s White House. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!"

The "Corrupt and Highly Conflicted Judge in New York City"

Trump took another shot at Judge Merchan as part of a Saturday post on Truth Social that was aimed at Special Counsel Jack Smith and his recent request for a gag order against the former president in the federal classified documents case in South Florida.

"Deranged Jack Smith has asked Judge Aileen Cannon in Florida for a Gag Order on me, so that I cannot talk about all of the Crimes he has committed, including the Illegal, Unconstitutional, and Unwarranted RAID of Mar-a-Lago," Trump said. "I guess they’re hoping they can silence me from telling the TRUTH like the Corrupt and Highly Conflicted Judge in New York City has done."

The attack continued on Sunday, when Trump wrote, "The reason the Radical, highly Conflicted Judge Juan Merchan had to come up with three FAKE options for the jury to choose from, without requiring them to be unanimous, which is completely UNAMERICAN AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL, is because the Corrupt, Soros backed D.A., Alvin Bragg, couldn’t come close to proving that any crime was committed."

"THERE WAS NO CRIME. Legal Expense paid to a lawyer was marked, by a bookkeeper using a dropdown menu in a computer program, as Legal Expense paid to a lawyer. WHAT ELSE COULD YOU CALL IT?" he continued. "There is NO CASE, just a Democrat Persecutor controlled by Crooked Joe Biden’s White House, a Democrat Judge, and a biased venue. This is nothing but an Election Interfering Witch Hunt, and the American People know it! MAGA2024."

A final parting shot

On Monday, mixed in with Truth Social posts about Memorial Day and the NASCAR race he attended, the former president launched a final broadside against the judge presiding over his New York criminal trial that will likely conclude in a matter of days.

"Can you imagine, a President of the United States, who got more votes than any sitting President in the history of our Country, and who is also the Republican Nominee for President in the upcoming 2024 Election, and leading in all polls against the Democrat Nominee, Joe Biden, is tomorrow going before a Corrupt and Conflicted Democrat Appointed, Acting New York Judge, on a FAKE & MADE UP CASE by a Soros backed failed D.A., and the Judge himself, to see whether or not he will become a common criminal?" Trump asked.

"According to virtually all Legal Scholars and Experts, THERE IS NO CRIME OR CASE against President Trump, and if there was it should have been brought seven years ago, not in the middle of his Campaign for President. Prosecutorial Misconduct. Election Interference!" he added.

The former president is potentially facing decades in prison if convicted and maximally sentenced on all of 34 felony counts of falsification of business records related to his 2017 reimbursement of ex-attorney Michael Cohen for a 2016 "hush money" payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels to silence her allegations of a 2006 affair that Trump has consistently denied.

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