Trump shares Melania's blunt comment about his looks

 December 14, 2023

Donald Trump was a handsome man in his day, but age has taken its toll - just ask his glamorous wife.

Melania Trump doesn't like how her husband looks in bright light, the former president confirmed at a recent campaign rally.

Trump, Melania HATE this...

Melania's thoughts have been the fodder of media mind readers for years, and the speculation isn't slowing down now that her husband is back on the campaign trail.

Speaking in Iowa, Trump shared a conversation he had with his wife about the "powerful" lighting at his events and its effect on his appearance.

"These lights are so powerful they probably cost a lot of money.....but these lights are no good," Trump said.

"Number one, you can hardly see the audience," Trump said.

Trump told supporters that his wife is not a fan of the lighting either because he looks "terrible."

"Number two, when you go home to watch it with our great first lady, 'How did I look'? She said, 'You didn't look good, too much light.' These lights are terrible."

It's one of a few personal anecdotes that Trump has shared about his intensely private family life.

Melania's pet peeves...

Trump told supporters at an event in California that his wife finds some of his party tricks unseemly.

Namely, she's not a fan of Trump's imitation of a woman attempting to compete with a male weightlifter - a recurring gag at Trump's campaign rallies.

It's Trump's humorous way of showing the absurdity of the leftist agenda, but Melania doesn't find it amusing.

"I don't want to imitate it. Because you know, my wife, the First Lady, hates when I do this. She said, 'It's not presidential.' I said, 'Yeah, but people like it.' It's true. She hates it. Our great First Lady," Trump said.

Melania's also not a huge fan of her husband's goofy dance moves - which he initially rolled out on the campaign trail in 2020, often accompanied by the party track "YMCA."

She's entitled

Of course, every wife is entitled to her pet peeves, and no man is perfect - no, not even Trump.

Trump might have an ego, but he knows how to joke at his own expense - even if he's joking about his own vanity.

He's funny, charismatic, and relatable despite being a mega-rich billionaire.

That's why America loves him.

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