Trump suggests leadership change in communist Cuba

 March 25, 2024

Former President Donald Trump, now 77 and the presumptive Republican nominee for the upcoming November election, stated on Truth Social Friday that he would advocate for a regime change in Cuba if reelected to office.

Speaking on the social media platform, Trump addressed the escalating crisis within the communist nation, which grapples with severe economic challenges and energy shortages, leading to food scarcities and power outages that have brought the country to the brink of collapse.

The comments

"I want to express my admiration and support for all of the brave people of Cuba, who are standing up against the vile communist regime," Trump remarked in a video post. "It’s not easy, and we appreciate it, and it’s gonna be changed."

Trump highlighted the distressing conditions faced by the Cuban populace under what he described as "brutal and corrupt dictators," citing food shortages, energy blackouts, poverty, political repression, and religious persecution.

Expressing solidarity with the Cuban people, Trump assured them of his administration's vigilance, stating, "I want the people of Cuba to know that we are watching what is happening in Santiago very closely, we are watching it every single minute of the day. We are with you."

The situation in Cuba

The Cuban government, led by President Miguel Díaz-Canel since 2019, has encountered mounting pressure amid the deteriorating economic situation.

The island nation has witnessed protests erupting over energy and food shortages, with growing calls for military support for the populace and demands for an end to the communist regime.

Trump contrasted his approach with what he criticized as the Biden administration's weakness on communism, asserting, "Under my administration, we will return to being very strong on the oppressors."

He further echoed calls for the release of political prisoners and advocated for free and fair elections in Cuba.

Cuba's response

In response to criticisms from Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Fernández de Cossío, who attributed the food shortages partly to U.S. embargoes and denounced U.S. interference in Cuban affairs, Trump reiterated his commitment to supporting the Cuban people's aspirations for safety, prosperity, and freedom.

The U.S. has maintained trade embargoes on Cuba since the 1960s, though certain exceptions permit the export of food products to the private sector.

Amid ongoing tensions, the State Department issued a heightened caution warning for travelers to Cuba in January due to crime and violent incidents, including armed robbery and homicide.

The tensions add to numerous controversies addressed by Trump in his effort to increase support in his presidential battle against President Biden in November.

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