Trump will use Fani Willis' affair to get her disqualified

 June 30, 2024

Former President Donald Trump is going to attempt to use Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' (D) affair to get her disqualified from the case. 

This is according to a report from The New York Sun.

This is all taking place in the criminal case that Willis has brought against Trump, alleging that he and his associates committed various crimes when they attempted to challenge Georgia's results in the 2020 presidential election.

Not much has happened in the case, though, because of Willis' various scandals. And, in the meantime, Trump has only been gaining in the polls, suggesting that the Democrats' attempt to use the legal system against him simply is not working.


Trump and the other defendants whom Willis has charged have been attempting to get Willis removed from the case for various reasons.

Willis has found herself at the center of several scandals. The most well-known one involves her lover, Attorney Nathan Wade.

Willis hired Wade to be the lead prosecutor in the case against Trump, then she paid him large sums of money which he allegedly used to take her on trips in furtherance of their affair.

Despite the scandals, the judge overseeing the case - Scott McAfee - has allowed Willis to remain on the Trump case on the condition that Wade step down. This is exactly what has happened.

But, Trump and his fellow defendants are not happy about this. They still want Willis off the case. So, they have appealed McAfee's decision to allow Willis to stay.

The latest

Trump and his legal team recently submitted their petition to the Court of Appeals, explaining why it is that they believe Willis ought to be removed from the case.

"Apart from citing the alleged romance with Wade, Trump also claimed in his petition that Willis 'poisoned the jury pool by making racially charged remarks about the case at a historic Black church at downtown Atlanta on Martin Luther King Jr. Day,'" Knews reports.

The outlet adds, "Trump argued in his appeal that 'DA Willis has engaged in a pattern of consistently flouting her ethical obligations' since the beginning of the investigations and that her 'previous improper conduct was neither inadvertent nor isolated, and was both planned and part of a long-standing, wrongful practice.'"

Accordingly, Trump wants Willis removed "for intentionally and repeatedly violating ethical and professional canons to prejudice defendants for personal or political gain."

It is unclear when this appeal will be decided. Next up, Willis will be asked to respond to Trump's filing.

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