Trump withdraws half billion dollar lawsuit against former attorney Michael Cohen

 October 8, 2023

Newsweek recently noted that Michael Cohen is expected to be a "pivotal witness" in the case Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is bringing against former President Donald Trump.

However, Cohen's name was in the news for another reason last week after Trump dropped the half billion dollar lawsuit he had filed against his ex-attorney. 

Suit accused Cohen of "fiduciary and contractual breaches"

According to the New York Daily News, Trumped filed the suit this past April in a Miami federal court, accusing Cohen of having violated his attorney-client privilege.

Specifically, it alleged that Cohen was responsible for an "onslaught of fiduciary and contractual breaches" during and after his time as Trump's lawyer.

This included writing a pair of books as well as giving multiple media interviews concerning the former president's alleged payment of hush money to former adult film star Stormy Daniels.

That alleged payoff later served as the predicate for Bragg's indictment of Trump earlier this year on 34 felony counts.

Trump's lawsuit asserted that Cohen's "wrongful actions were intentional, calculated, malicious and motivated by his desire to acquire fame, attention, notoriety and wealth."

Suit may be brought again later

However, the Daily News reported on Thursday that lawyers working for Trump filed a motion in the Southern District of Florida asking that the suit be dismissed without prejudice, thus allowing it to be brought again at a later date.

The paper cited a Trump spokesperson as saying that one the former president "has prevailed in dealing with the witch hunts against him, he will continue to pursue his claims against Michael Cohen."

This was likely a reference to how in addition to his New York case, Trump also faces more state charges in Georgia along with two federal indictments.

The Daily News noted that Trump had been scheduled to take part in a sworn deposition in New York City next week with Cohen attorney Danya Perry.

Cohen calls dropping of lawsuit "cowardly"

For his part, Cohen issued a statement in which he declared that his legal team will give its "full attention to holding Mr. Trump accountable for his latest abuse of the legal system."

"As I have said from the beginning: this case was nothing more than a retaliatory intimidation tactic and his attempt to hide from routine discovery procedures confirms as much," Cohen continued.

"Mr. Trump’s cowardly dismissal spells the end of this latest attempt to deter me from providing truthful testimony against him. More to come," he concluded.

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