Tucker Carlson: January 6 being used 'to steal our core freedoms'

 January 9, 2023

Last Friday marked two years since the 2021 riot on Capitol Hill, an event that many described as being a threat to democracy.

During a bombshell broadcast, Fox News host Tucker Carlson expressed agreement with that assessment. However, he made clear that the threat isn't from Trump supporters.  

Ashli Babbitt's mother arrested on anniversary of daughter's death

Rather, Carlson argued that the true danger comes from those who have since used the riot as an excuse to destroy civil liberties.

The host began by pointing to how U.S. Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd was treated after he killed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt.

Carlson pointed out that Byrd has a history of reckless behavior, including a 2019 incident in which he left a loaded service weapon in a bathroom.

However, Carlson then noted how rather than investigating the officer after he shot an unarmed woman, "Nancy Pelosi's congressional police force declared Byrd a national hero and the media strongly agreed."

"Byrd went on television to accept accolades and to complain about racism. He was never punished for killing Ashli Babbitt. He was rewarded for it," the conservative commentator remarked.

In contrast, Babbitt's mother was arrested by U.S. Capitol Police during a protest on the two-year anniversary of her daughter's death, accusing her of traffic violations.

FBI agents tell Rep. Jim Jordan that conservatives are being purged

Carlson didn't stop there, adding, "On the basis of a wholly created myth about what happened that day, the Biden Pentagon conducted an unprecedented political purge of the entire U.S. military."

"The FBI and various intel agencies increased their control over the American media and most obviously, the DOJ has been allowed to prosecute and jail hundreds of nonviolent political protesters whose crime was having the wrong opinions," he continued.

Carlson went on to insist that "[l]ies about January 6, which have been relentless, have enabled some of the most unscrupulous people in our country to mock our Bill of Rights and steal our core freedoms."

Carlson is not alone in alleging that January 6 has been weaponized by Democrats to crack down on the political opponents.

In June, Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News that he has been contacted by half a dozen FBI agents who say the event is being used to "purge" conservatives from the organization.

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