Victoria Spartz Hit With Weapons Charges For Carrying Empty Handgun At Washington Dulles International Airport

 July 2, 2024

Representative Victoria Spartz (R-IN) was hit with weapons charges last week after an empty handgun was discovered in her luggage at Washington Dulles International Airport.

Spartz's office told The New York Post that the situation was an accident and that Spartz was unaware that the gun was in one of her suitcases. The charge against her was confirmed by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

An official statement from her office explained, "Last Friday, Rep. Spartz accidentally carried an empty handgun in her suitcase with no magazine or bullets, which she did not realize was in the pocket of her suitcase while going through security at Dulles airport."

They added that "Spartz was issued a citation and proceeded on her international flight to the OSCE PA meeting in Europe.”

Rocky Year For Spartz

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority charged Spartz under a law banning the carrying of firearms, loaded or not, in Virginia airports.

Representative Spartz has been in the headlines multiple times this year and can't seem to avoid controversy.

The House Ethics Committee launched an investigation into her based on allegations from staffers of “abuse,” “general toxicity,” and “rage." To add to those allegations, her chief of staff ended up resigning not long after.

Abuse allegations aside, Spartz has also earned the ire of some after originally planning to retire after her term was up this year but then suddenly announced that she would seek to defend her seat in an election that will be key for Republicans hoping to build on their lead in the House of Representatives.

However, her sudden decision to "unretire" wasn't appreciated by Indiana Republicans and the several individuals who had filed to run to replace Spartz.

Thanks to her change of plans, she had to defeat eight other Republicans in Indiana's May Primary.

Nonetheless, she won her primary and should win a 2nd term representing Indiana's 5th Congressional District which is great news for Republicans as she is a reliable vote for the right-wing of the GOP caucus.

Despite being the 1st Ukrainian-born Congressional Representative she stood with conservatives in opposing sending the latest multi-billion-dollar package to Ukraine in recognition of the domestic problems Americans face at home.

Looking Ahead To November

Spartz is important to the GOP's plans to build on their lead in the House. They currently have an incredibly thin lead and need to win new seats in November while maintaining the ones they already have.

Unfortunately, Spartz's controversies will hang like a cloud over her reelection efforts, and no doubt there are many Republican strategists who wish she could clean up her image and stay out of the headlines for a while.

It's unlikely that the House Ethics Investigation will lead to anything significant but that in combination with this latest gun charge, Spartz has some work to do ahead of November's crucial election.

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