Video showing bloody attack on Secret Service by Joe Biden's dog was destroyed

 June 20, 2024

Fox News reported earlier this year that President Joe Biden's dog, Commander, attacked Secret Service personnel at least two dozen times between 2022 and July 2023.

What's more, the Daily Mail cited evidence this week that one particularly bloody assault at the White House may have been covered up.

Victim suffered required stitches for "deep bite"

According to an article published by the newspaper on Tuesday, it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Secret Service this past spring.

That request sought video footage of an attack referenced in a June of 2015 email which described an attack on an agent. The victim is said to have been left with a "deep bite" that "needed stitches."

"East Wing Tours were stopped for approximately 20 minutes due to blood from the incident being on the floors in the area of the Booksellers," the email went on to explain.

The video was believed to show Commander running "running at a high rate of speed" towards the agent in the East Wing's Kennedy Garden.

Video evidence destroyed

However, Secret Service Freedom of Information Act Officer Kevin Tyrrell sent a letter to the Daily Mail explaining that the video in question had been destroyed pursuant "to Secret Service retention standards."

Anthony Guglielmi serves as a spokesperson for the Secret Service, and he insisted in a subsequent email that the law enforcement agency adheres to "federal records retention schedule that defines when certain types of records can be archived, destroyed, etc."

Guglielmi further claimed to have no "direct knowledge" of the attack video before adding that he assumed it "is no longer available because of the expiration of record retention."

The Daily Mail is not alone in filing FOIA requests concerning attacks by Commander, as the conservative group Judicial Watch has done so as well.

Email warned Secret Service agents that Commander was loose

Among the documents which Judicial Watch uncovered was an email sent on May 23, 2023 which warned Secret Service agents that Commander would be roaming free on the White House grounds.

"Just for situational awareness. It seems that we're back to the K9 being let off leash to roam the grounds freely," the email stated.

"Tonight we had the team on the roadway for the evening sweep when [redacted] brought the dog out. K9 ran directly south and bounced between us techs," it continued.

"Though no one was bitten it's just a matter of time before it happens," the message went on to caution. Fox News reported that Commander was finally removed from the White House in October of 2023.

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