White House communication will be light as Biden leaves the White House to prepare for debate

 June 21, 2024

Reporters and political pundits are braced for a week without much President Joe Biden in the upcoming days, according to TownHall Media.

As the current president juggles the implications of being both the oldest president in United States history and running for a second term, he has taken time away for a bit of a rest before facing his first debate just days from now.

Biden made his way to Camp David for an extended stay while a team works with the president to prepare for the debates.

The president reportedly won the Thursday coin toss to secure a podium position on the right of the stage during the debate, to be hosted by CNN next week.

However, that win offers former President Donald Trump the final closing statement of the roughly 90-minute highly anticipated and televised debate event.

The Schedule

After spending the previous week away from Washington at his residence in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Biden will depart for the presidential retreat in Maryland on Thursday evening, after spending one week there.

There will be a no-fly zone around Camp David until next Thursday, which is the day of Biden's showdown with Trump on CNN, according to a new NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Also worthy of note is the fact that Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will not be doing her regular daily briefings because the president will be absent from the White House for an extended period of time.

It has been confirmed by the principal spokesperson that there will be no briefings held while "the president is away," though she declined the opportunity to comment further on specifics of the presidential preparations.

Happenings Elsewhere

The prolonged absence of Biden from the White House and the subsequent absence of press briefings come at a time when Israel is facing an increase in attacks from terrorists supported by Iran.

Those international figures are affiliated with Hezbollah, Putin and Kim Jong Un are associating with one another, and the Chinese Coast Guard is significantly escalating the situation in the South China Sea by attacking the Philippine military.

As a result of these international crises, as well as Russia's ongoing war against Ukraine, the border continues to be in a state of anarchy, the United States is having a difficult time making ends meet, and there is a continuous stream of warnings from government officials regarding terrorist threats to the homeland.

More Important Issues

These events happening at the same time as the current president could be seen as prioritizing his campaign over the nation's well being has many asking questions about whether Biden is avoiding questions about the massive events taking place around the world.

The presidential candidate won't be able to avoid answering questions while facing Trump, however. The debate setup, according to the team at CNN, was decided by a coin toss that landed on tails, which the Biden campaign chose for the flip.

The team was allowed to choose between podium placement or the order of closing arguments, eventually choosing physical placement to have Biden on the right side of the screens, and deliver his closing statements first.

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