White House, Dems, calls videos of struggling Biden 'cheap fakes'

 June 21, 2024

Democrats and their mainstream media allies are becoming more desperate to cover for President Joe Biden than we could have ever imagined.

As Fox News noted, Democrats and the Biden campaign worked overtime to insist that Hunter Biden's laptop was "fake," even gathering the signatures of dozens of once-respected intelligence officials to back the false claim.

Now, with more videos emerging by the week of President Biden's failing physical and cognitive behaviors, footage of such events is also apparently "fake."

Verifiable, undeniable video footage of Biden freezing, stumbling and mumbling has been written off by the White House as "cheap fakes," which is a play on the term "deep fake," somehow insisting that the footage isn't real.

What's going on?

David Marcus wrote an op-ed for Fox News explaining what's happening right now with the laughable "cheap fake" narrative.

"Joe Biden staring off into space as everyone around him dances? Cheap fake. Losing track of world leaders in a field and having to be retrieved by Italy’s Prime Minister? Cheap Fake. Endless clips of the commander in chief slurring his way through incomprehensible phrases? Cheap Fakes all," he wrote.

As he also points out, none of the video footage in question has been manipulated whatsoever.

What Americans are seeing is a struggling, elderly man who has rapidly lost whatever edge he has left, and it's clearly becoming such a major issue for the White House and his campaign that they decided to pretend it's not even real.

Marcus wrote, "Joe Biden is in decline, as many people his age are. We can see it, day after day, week after week. We can see that it is only getting worse, so all that his campaign can do is tell you, as George Orwell once put it, 'to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.'"

Familiar tactics

Marcus correctly pointed out that Democrats are experienced at playing that game, pointing to several instances of Democrats deploying similar tactics in the past.

"We all recall the video of border agents on horseback, who obviously weren’t whipping anyone being accused by this administration for months and months of whipping migrants like antebellum plantation owners," Marcus wrote.

He also pointed to the narrative pushed regarding Hunter Biden's laptop, which was also written off as "fake," except it wasn't.

Only time will tell how far they take the "cheap fake" narrative. Luckily, enough Americans are informed and intelligent enough to know the truth.

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