White House says it will not support Israeli military ops in South Gaza due to civilians

December 3, 2023

Being First Lady Jill Biden is one of the worst jobs in Washington D.C. at the moment. 

That's evidenced daily as President Joe Biden continues to make horrible domestic and foreign policy decisions that the first lady is expected to stand by.

His latest asinine decision regarding the ongoing Israel-Hamas war raised eyebrows, as the White House has now signaled that it does not support Israel operating in South Gaza "unless or until they have factored in all those additional civilians."

That remark was made by White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby during a recent Bloomberg TV interview.

What's happening?

President Biden's stance on supporting Israel has drastically changed since the initial attack on the country by cowardly Hamas terrorists.

The United States has intervened in deep ways, essentially forcing Israel to back down from defending itself from Hamas, leaving the Iran-backed terrorists plenty of time to regroup.

Kirby made clear during the interview that the administration is now against Israel operating in South Gaza.

"We have made two points here: One, we’ve told the Israelis, very consistently, we don’t support southern operations unless or until they have factored in all those additional civilians — actually, all civilians, but noting that there are now hundreds of thousands more civilians.

He added, "Number two, … we have also urged them to think about how to do this in a way that keeps those civilians safe. Now, I don’t want to get into whether there [are] safe zones called for or what that could look like, but we certainly want to see them pursue these operations in a way that properly accounts for that civilian population, and [that], to the maximum degree that it can, inoculate[s] them from these combat operations, so that they’re not in harm’s way, that they’re not caught in the crossfire between Israel and Hamas."

Many believe the White House's demands are unreasonable, and will only lead to future attacks if Hamas isn't wiped out decisively and quickly.

Social media reacts

Social media erupted in the wake of Kirby's comments.

Another X user wrote, "The last thing Israel needs is advice from you guys."

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