White House shuts down reporters while Obama, Biden look on

 March 30, 2024

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was recently caught on a hot mic telling members of the press that a recent public outing that included former President Barack Obama was "off the record."

RNC Research posted, to its X account, the audio from the incident.

Take a listen:


The above incident took place on board Air Force One this past week, when President Joe Biden and Obama were en route to the fundraiser that they held, along with former President Bill Clinton, in New York City.

Apparently, Jean-Pierre was extremely worried about the possibility that the press members - who accompanied Biden and Obama on the trip - might report on the conversation that was taking place between them. So, Jean-Pierre shut it down.

"I want to make sure that we are all aware that this is off the record. Off the record! Off the record! Off the record!" Jeane-Pierre could be heard saying in the audio.

At this point, Obama could be heard saying "How's it going, everybody?" Then, the audio is cut.

It is the latest example of the lack of transparency that Americans have seen from the Biden administration ever since Biden entered the Oval Office.

What are they hiding?

There is a chance that, on this particular occasion, the White House was not hiding anything. But, forcing reporters to go off the record is always going to raise the specter of impropriety.

This leads to all sorts of questions, particularly in light of the fact that there have been rumors that Obama is the one who has actually been running the White House.

The lack of transparency continued with the fundraiser. Fox News reports:

President Biden's re-election campaign isn't revealing the full list of donors who attended its star-studded fundraiser in New York City with Biden and former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. A Thursday evening fundraiser with the three presidents pulled in over $26 million, according to Biden's campaign.

The question, once again, is what is Biden trying to hide? What harm could be done, after all, by revealing those in attendance?

Surely, if everything going on was honest and good and truthful, then there would be no need to hide it, would there?

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