White House threatens to exclude reporters who aren't 'professional'

May 8, 2023

The Daily Wire has reported that the Biden White House is threatening to shut down journalists who fail to be "professional."

The declaration came in the form of new rules unveiled this past Friday that will dictate which correspondents will be admitted to the White House briefing room and presidential events.

Reporters banned from "impeding events or briefings"

Going forward, reporters must document in a letter that their employer is "an organization whose principal business is news dissemination."

They must also be willing "to submit to any necessary investigation by the U.S. Secret Service to determine eligibility for access to the White House complex, where Secret Service will determine eligibility based on whether the applicant presents a potential risk to the safety or security of the President, the Vice President, or the White House complex."

Further, reporters are also required to "act in a professional manner while on White House grounds by respecting their colleagues, White House employees, and guests; observing stated restrictions on access to areas of the White House or credentialed events; and not impeding events or briefings on campus."

Meeting those criteria will be necessary in order to obtain the "hard pass" that is needed to regularly visit the White House. The Daily Caller noted that all currently held hard passes are set to expire on July 31.

Obama pledges support for journalistic freedom

What's more, the rules stress that "[a]bsent security concerns involving the United States Secret Service or other exigent circumstances, the White House will provide a written warning to you if your conduct violates these expectations."

"Subsequent violations may lead to the suspension or revocation of your hard pass, following notice and an opportunity to respond," they state.

The White House's announcement came just days after Fox News reported that former President Barack Obama pledged his support for journalists. Obama made the declaration in video tweeted out last week in honor of World Press Freedom Day.

Critics point to Obama DOJ's wiretapping of journalists

"Journalists have always been on the frontlines of struggles for democracy, and some of you have the scars to prove it. And that’s why it’s so important to find creative ways to reinvigorate quality journalism," the former president said.

"It’s why we need to keep standing up for the rights of journalists around the world, many of whom are facing increasing threats and challenges just trying to do their jobs," he added.

However, some Twitter users brought up how the Department of Justice (DOJ) was caught spying on reporters as part of an effort to stop leaks.

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