Woman lured from South Korea was tortured before being killed

 September 17, 2023

Americans were recently horrified to learn that a woman who had allegedly been lured from South Korea was found dead. 

According to ABC News, law enforcement in Georgia's Gwinnett County announced on Thursday that the victim came to the United States over the summer.

Victim showed signs of torture

Believed to have been in her 20s or 30s, the deceased woman was discovered in the trunk of a car at a shopping mall parking lot.

Cpl. Juan Madiedo is a spokesperson Gwinnett County Police Department, and he told reporters that she exhibited signs of torture.

"Apparently the victim was subjected to beatings, malnourishment -- which subsequently resulted in what the medical examiner's office believes was the cause of her death," Madiedo was quoted as saying.

Family member of suspect called police

ABC News noted that police have said the woman's body weighed approximately 70 pounds and had been burned before being wrapped in a blanket.

Six suspects have since been taken into custody, with the youngest being 15 years old. All are affiliated with a religious organization known as "Soldiers of Christ."

One of the six is Eric Hyun, who allegedly asked a family member to retrieve an item from the car where the woman's body was being stored. The relative subsequently called 911 after finding the victim.

That led to a search warrant being executed on a home in Lawrenceville, Georgia associated with Hyun. Police found evidence that beatings had taken place in the home's basement.

Multiple charges filed

A press release put out by the Gwinnett County Police Department explained that the defendants have been charged "with Felony Murder, False Imprisonment, Tampering with Evidence, and Concealing the Death of Another."

In addition to 26-year-old Eric Hyun, they are Gawom Lee, aged 26, Joonho Lee, aged 26, Juoonhyum Lee, aged 22, Hyunji Lee, aged 25, and Junyeoug Lee, aged 15.

"Detectives believe Eric Hyun was the driver of the silver passenger car that contained the body of the victim in the trunk," the press release added.

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