DANIEL VAUGHAN: Biden's Video Blunders Are Getting Worse, As Are The White House Excuses

 June 19, 2024

Upton Sinclair once remarked, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." What we've learned this week is that many people's salaries, careers, and overall mental well-being require them to not understand why unedited video clips of Joe Biden look bad to the average person.

The White House invented new terms this week. We got things like "cheap fakes" along with deep fakes and everything else. Everyone in the mainstream press through the White House is committed to the line that Barack Obama leading Joe Biden off the stage at a California fundraiser isn't what you, the viewer, think it is.

Notably missing from any of these left-wing accusations of fakery is any proof that the videos are frauds. Chris Gardner, a reporter at The Hollywood Reporter, simply stood in his seat at the event and shot footage of Biden and Obama leaving the stage. The New York Post published a story on that footage. Because of this, we're watching a real-time gaslighting by everyone in the press saying, "Everything is fine, please disperse."

If Biden didn't freeze up in a way reminiscent of Senator Mitch McConnell, requiring Obama to nudge him along, what happened? And why is this a reoccurring thing right now for Biden? In Europe, we had multiple instances where Biden looked the wrong way, wandered off, or randomly head-bumped the Pope.

Then, after a long night at a fundraiser, he becomes utterly still, staring blankly and stiffly into the crowd.

Everyone can see this with their own eyes. What context does a fact checker think they're going to bring to the situation when people can watch a video filmed by a neutral party and posted? All the clips offered by Democrats as a "rebuttal" are far-away TV edits. Gardner's video is unedited, edited by no one, and simply posted as a cap to his night reporting.

The New York Post didn't do anything nefarious in its reporting. If anything, this entire episode is reminiscent of Hunter Biden's laptop. The New York Post publishes a factually accurate story, and everyone is running out to blast it as fake. With the laptop, seeing that story reveal itself as true took a while. Hunter is facing the possibility of prison over it now.

But back then, we had career bureaucrats using their "expertise" to claim that the laptop was Russian disinformation. The White House wants you to believe this video from their own fundraiser is somehow a deep fake or a "cheap fake."

They are paid to believe these things. They are paid to not understand why these videos are important.

The next question any rational person has is this: If this is Biden in public, what is he like in private? What is he like when decisions are being made that direct the course of the country?

It's anyone's guess at this stage. It's hard to believe Biden is carrying the full load of the presidency with him. He can't even carry a fundraiser in California.

The worrying trend is that he is getting worse. It's not like he's at some static place where things can or will get better. Biden's 2020 "gaffes" drove liberals insane during the process. But because they couldn't nominate one sane person, Biden was the only person left in the field.

Now, four years later, Biden is worse than he was then. These aren't gaffes or just Biden blowing hot air about himself. He's telling stories about uncles getting eaten by cannibals, head-bumping the Pope, and freezing on stage during fundraisers, looking like an empty shell of a man.

Most Americans look at that and feel bad. It's hard to give Biden an approval rating because people watch what's happening with a level of sympathy and sadness for the guy. He's being forced to live out the last stage of his life and look embarrassing in front of everyone, and his administration and family pretend everything is fine.

At the end of Biden's term in office, we're going to get tell-all memoirs from those staffing the White House claiming they knew things were bad but simply held things together. It'll read like the behind-the-scenes tales we got about Franklin Delano Roosevelt after he passed and Woodrow Wilson, who was bedridden.

We're watching a White House limp along and pretend everything is fine. Those excuses are the real "cheap fakes." The videos everyone sees are real. The excuses are cheap, fake, and remarkably uncaring for a man who has had a long life in service to the country.

The other sad point is that we know this won't be the last video like this. There will be others. There are simply too many more events on the calendar to avoid them. Are we just going to listen to the White House claim that every video of Biden is fake from now until Election Day? It sure seems that way.

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