Trump lawyer alleges ethical violation by judge as fundraising numbers explode

 June 25, 2024

In a civil fraud lawsuit filed last year, New York Attorney General Letitia James charged that former President Donald Trump had undervalued his real estate holdings.

While critics accused presiding Judge Arthur Engoron of trying to hurt Trump for political reasons, his efforts seem to have been voiced. 

Trump is out fundraising Biden

Evidence for that can be seen in Trump fundraising success, with Fox News reporting that his recent donations have far outstripped those of President Joe Biden.

According to Politico, Trump's money boom has shaken high-level Democratic insiders, with strategists and donors left "reeling."

"There was the strategy of raising all this money on the front end so we could have this huge edge," one anonymous Biden bundler was quoted as saying.

"The whole point of it was to come out with a sizable cash advantage and, you know, we’re now even and it’s June. … I have no other word for it other than 'depression' among Biden supporters," the bundler added.

Trump campaign spokesperson boasts of candidate's "momentum"

Politico noted how reports filed last Thursday revealed that Trump and the Republican National Committee had $116.5 million in cash on hand.

In contrast, Biden and the Democratic National Committee only have $91.6 million at their disposal. Another anonymous bundler told Politico that the situation is "disappointing, but not surprising."

Brian Hughes is a Trump campaign spokesperson, and he pointed to those numbers as a sign "that the momentum of President Trump coming out of a historic primary election season is growing as we move to November."

Meanwhile, Newsweek reported this past weekend that Trump attorney Alina Habba is calling on Engoron to recuse himself from the former president's civil fraud case.

Trump attorney says judge violated ethics rules

At issue are comments from New York real estate attorney Adam Leitman Bailey suggesting that he provided advice to Engoron while Trump's trial was still playing out, something Habba says is a breach of ethics.

"I just want to be really clear for the listeners on what happened here. This attorney Mr Bailey went on TV bragging about the fact he had spoken with the judge that was sitting on our case, Judge Engoron," Habba told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

"The judge had not issued his final decision on this case and this attorney who has sued Trump more than six times has now gone up to a judge sitting on an active case and spoken to him about the case. That is not allowed," she added.

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