DANIEL VAUGHAN: 'The Squad' And Jamaal Bowman Get Swept Out For Their Antisemitism

 June 26, 2024

It was a bad night for the Hamas caucus of Congress: Jamaal Bowman, one of the centerpieces of the far-left 'Squad' in Congress, lost his primary. He will not be the Democratic candidate for Congress in November. The viral clips of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Bowman, and others making a scene on a stage were for naught. The Squad lost.

It's easy to make this a proxy for the internal party wars of the Democratic Party. Most mainstream media coverage covers Bowman as an anti-Israel critic, which is putting it mildly. Bowman, after being presented with evidence of Hamas's atrocities, blasted Israel as a genocide state.

He's repeated every talking point put out by the Hamas-run agencies in Gaza. Meanwhile, the vicious, recorded brutality by Hamas of women and children gets ignored. If you're an American hostage held by Hamas, Jamaal Bowman is cheering on your captors.

Hamas butchered thousands on October 7, 2023. By October 16, Bowman was doing everything to prevent Israel from retaliating against a terrorist organization bent on eradicating Jews.

I suppose Bowman is just taking cues from his President. When Barack Obama was given the chance to kill Osama bin Laden, he correctly took that shot. The only man trying to stop him was his Vice President, Joe Biden.

As a rule of thumb, when the United States, Israel, or any of our other allies have a chance to kill some terrorists, let's take those shots. Biden and Bowman side with the wrong people in these fights.

Jamaal Bowman will unquestionably blame Jewish groups for his loss. He and other far-left Democrats spent the week demonizing AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).

Here's the problem with that narrative: public polling showed Bowman losing this race badly before AIPAC or any other group spent a dime. Bowman released an internal poll, the best one he could create, showing him with a one-point lead. Remember, this guy is the incumbent, and he lost a primary to another Democrat.

Democrats are the ones saying that Jamaal Bowman's anti-Israel tirades are a step too far. Most Americans see the war in Gaza in simple terms: Hamas is an awful terrorist organization, and Israel has a right to defend itself. Would a ceasefire be nice? Sure. Does that stop Israel from existing or defending itself? No.

What was Bowman's answer to all these charges? Last week, it was reported that Bowman was asking for pictures from Jewish leaders of him standing with them to prove "I'm friends with Jewish people."

In response, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik quipped, "I'm looking forward to taking a picture of Jewish leaders enthusiastically watching Bowman's concession speech." He's getting his wish.

Bowman had problems beyond his depraved positions on Israel, however.

In October 2023, Bowman was charged with illegally setting off a fire alarm in Congress. At the time, Democrats were stalling for time on a bill. Bowman was caught on camera pulling the alarm, though he tried lying his way through that (as did his supporters and the press). That led to a House censure vote.

Polling showed Bowman growing deeply unpopular in his own district, becoming a bigger embarrassment to everyone involved. As such, he plunged in the polls.

For the so-called 'Squad," this is a blow. Bowman, Ocasio-Cortez, and other far-left activists led a profanity-laden campaign rally in a last-ditch effort to boost Bowman's campaign. Ironically, pro-Palestinian protestors disrupted this event, too, because there was no one radical enough for them.

In the UK, credible claims of Jeremy Corbyn's antisemitism ripped apart the liberal Labour Party. Piers Morgan cornered Jeremy Corbyn over Hamas, and Corbyn couldn't even call Hamas a terrorist group. Morgan asked Corbyn 15 times, and Corbyn refused to answer.

After years of getting wiped out by conservatives in the UK, Labour is surging back. But they've done something critical in the interim; they've worked to rid themselves of every antisemitic member of their party. That included withdrawing support from a candidate who espoused tin-foil hat conspiracy beliefs surrounding Jews and Israel.

The defeat of Jamaal Bowman is a good sign for the Democratic Party as it tries to do something similar. It's taking Democratic primary voters to clean up the mess in the larger party, but it's happening nonetheless. The Squad represents similar strains of radical thought that Jeremy Corbyn led in the United Kingdom.

These socialists all get cut from the same cloth: they want the government to run every aspect of your life, and they have issues with Jews. It's good to see this antisemitism getting swept out via election. We need to see more of it, though. Jamaal Bowman is one of several members of Congress who has idiotic and antisemitic views. Let's cheer for them all to get knocked out of Congress.

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Thomas Jefferson
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