New York AG James, accused by Trump of 'election interference,' opens special hotline for primary election problems

 June 18, 2024

Democrats have spent the past four years, in obvious rebuttal against former President Donald Trump's complaints, that U.S. elections are free of fraud or any other real trouble whatsoever.

Yet, New York's Democratic Attorney General Letitia James just announced the launch of a special "election protection" hotline ahead of the state's upcoming primary elections this month, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

That hotline allows New York voters to call and submit questions and complaints about various alleged issues with the voting process, some of which could prompt election-related investigative and prosecutorial action by the attorney general's office.

AG James inserts her office into upcoming state primary election

"Access to the ballot box is the foundational right of our democracy," AG James said in a press release last week. "Our election protection hotline will be available to address challenges voters face and provide helpful guidance, regardless of whether they choose to vote early, by mail, or on election day."

"I am proud that my office continues to protect New Yorkers’ right to vote and encourage anyone experiencing problems to reach out to our hotline," she added.

The hotline was first opened up to the voting public on Saturday, June 15, to coincide with the start of the early voting period, and will remain active until at least Wednesday, June 26, to receive any post-Election Day complaints.

The Election Protection Hotline

Interestingly enough, it isn't really election fraud that AG James' office is hoping to find and address via the Election Protection Hotline that was first launched during the 2021 election cycle.

Rather, it appears that the hotline is intended to field complaints and spur investigations into alleged "voter registration purges" or instances of alleged "coercion or intimidation" of voters by others.

The hotline, as well as an online guide, will also provide assistance for voters with questions about or problems involving the multiple methods to cast a ballot in the state.

James accused of election interference

While some may view this Election Protection Hotline as no big deal, others may suspect that it is a subtle version of election interference on the part of the attorney general.

AG James was charged with exactly that, election interference, by former President Trump in March, according to Rolling Stone, in relation to her outrageous civil fraud lawsuit, trial, and judgment against him during an election year that was clearly intended to derail his re-election bid, bankrupt him and his campaign, and demoralize his voters.

That article, citing multiple unnamed sources, reported on the purported plans in the works for a second Trump administration's Justice Department to go after James and other prosecutors and judges who've brought spurious charges and judgments against him in an election year to interfere with his campaign for office.

Indeed, one of those plans involves a prospective Trump DOJ pursuing federal election interference charges against James and the others, though there are other legal theories that are also reportedly under consideration.

How ironic would it be if James and the others who've accused Trump of interfering in the 2020 election were themselves eventually held accountable for their overt acts to interfere in the 2024 election?

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