Anti-Israel protester attacks Jewish student volunteer for GOP Senate candidate

 June 6, 2024

The pro-Palestinian protesters, many of whom have seemingly made a career of protesting Israel since last October's Hamas-led attack, have increasingly turned violent. 

According to the New York Post, the latest victim of their violence was a volunteer for Republican Senate candidate Dave McCormick, who was attacked by one on the University of Pittburgh campus recently.

McCormick shared a clip of the attack on social media this week, confirming that the student, a volunteer, was a Jewish student.

The attack is the latest in a string of violent attacks stemming from the Pro-Palestine protest movement.

What happened?

On Sunday afternoon, a group of anti-Israel protesters set up a camp at the university's Cathedral of Learning.

The NY Post noted:

The student, Reuben Rochkind, is seen standing in front of the masked assailant, holding up an American flag, when he’s yanked by his backpack into the fence and then held by the neck.

The GOP Senate candidate shared a video clip of the Jewish volunteer being attacked from behind by one of the protesters, and issued a statement on the disgusting situation.

"One of my great volunteers was attacked by pro-Hamas supporters on Pitt's campus. He’s a Jewish student who was wearing a McCormick hat & proudly waving the American flag. This antisemitism is disgusting. Bob Casey needs to stand up & defend his Jewish constituents," McCormick wrote.

On Monday, McCormick released another statement on the matter, expressing the need to protect Jewish students more than ever.

He wrote, "One of my volunteers was attacked by a pro-Hamas supporter on Pitt’s campus earlier this week. We need to protect Jewish students like Reuben, and we can start by expelling those who participate in antisemitic encampments and holding accountable anyone who resorts to violence."

Rochkind responds

The Jewish student volunteer told a local media outlet that the attack caught him off-guard.

"It caught me off guard," he told a local news outlet. "I was definitely not expecting that to happen."

Rochkind also explained that he believes the anti-Israel protesters on campus are "anti-American."

"I believe America has a lot of good values, like freedom of speech and the freedom to protest," he said. "The protestors are out there and they’re, in my opinion, anti-Western and anti-American."

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